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isn"t your brainan amazing at how it can repair itself



i have noticer that as time goes by like i said it is so slow that you have to wait for a long time to notice anythingbut i have notice that initially right after my stroke i use to jump right out of my skin when iwoul;d hear a noice like a bus using his airbrakes and that shsh sound that it makes my central nervous system has gone hay wire but over 10 years now the sound doesnt put me in panic mode so i am getting better all of the time but it is very small but still coming so i just find that the brain is an amazing organ to be able to find a pathwayblock to send information to the affected body and yet some how find a way to repair itself so that the body will recieve the proper signals i just wish that it would be a little quicker but then again as londg as it is getting better all the time i can"t wait to see just how munch i can do so just be patient and keep on tring because your brain is always working to find new pathhways . and soon not soon enough it will all the best in your revovery , just be patient and learn toi enjoy life


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The brain is truly amazing. Before my stroke I had no idea that the brain can repair itself. Now I have a first-hand account of howamazing the brain really is. I amfortunate because I remember most of the day of my stroke. I remember waking up paralyzed and withoutspeech. I remember being carried downthe steps and out my front door and placed into the ambulance. I remember the ride to the hospital andgetting unloaded and being wheeled down the hospital hallway. That is the last thing I remember beforewaking up after my surgery a few hours later.


After I woke up I was taken to my room in the ICU. The nurse asked me a series ofquestions. The first question was “whatis your name?” To which I responded:Dave Ohio (no my last name is not Ohio). Then she asked me if I knew where I was. I did not have a clue at the time. She asked me if I knew what happened to me. I did not know what happened to me. Then she asked me if I knew what year itwas. I knew the right answer was 2011 butI said 1996. I broke out inlaughter. I know I have a strange senseof humor but I just couldn’t stop laughing. Why did I say 1996? This went onfor 2 more days. I’d answer a questionwrong and then laugh. By day 3 I wasanswering questions correctly. I’mguessing in those first few days my brain was busy repairing itself.


I know that I’m very fortunate to be able to measure myprogress by days rather than years. Please be patient with your brain, it is truly amazing.



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yes lenny you are so right. i am so grateful they are finally discovering what the brain is capable of doing to aide in stroke or any tbi recovery. it controls our entire body. its really sad we lose some of it when having a stroke or tbi. i too wish the recovery was quicker.i still jump out of my skin when i hear a loud noise though. that might never change,LOL

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Yes Lenny, it's amazing! I wasn't aware of how amazing the brain is before my stroke or how fragile or how important health is! The stroke has really given me a second chance at looking at things in nature too in a different way, I am more aware of the little creatures around me like birds or even insects...anyway... :) I think I'll stop now before you guys think I am a crazy person!!!!!!! I'm not!!!! anyway thanks and we just have to keep on being patient! I do keep on recovering little by little too! take care!

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