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Another Tropical Storm Brewing



This evening news has reports of another tropical storm brewing in the Gulf moving at 2 mph with winds currently at 45mph. This is tropical storm LEE and it looks early on New Orleans could feel the crunch should it develop into a hurricane by sometimes on Sunday. It's just too early to tell at this hour but we can expect lots of rainfall they say.


They stated the President is suppose to visit New Jersey and Vermont on Sunday to see the damage done there last week. Well this is the season for hurricanes for awhile longer. I would hate to see another one hit New Orleans after Katrina six years ago. New Orleans is like a fish bowl and below sea level where rain is bad news. Some of my wife's family members aren't taking any more chances on staying put. They are leaving as I type this blog and I can't really blame them for leaving the city.


Not all areas will flood, that's a good thing but I just couldn't live there knowing the city is below sea level. My wife has no desire to live there again and I'm glad about that cause I can't think of living there. I'm a true Texan and have lived in many cities and countries while serving my country. Now is the time to settle in Texas for the long haul. :big_grin:



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Fred, it is good to find a place to live "for the long haul". Like you I have lived other places and it is the Central Coast for me.


I like your attitude to life, your wife, your relationship with others. Fred, there is something of the philosopher about you.


I hope all goes well with these kinsmen of yours as yet another tropical storm harries them.



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for me NJ is home though my niece has decided to move to fort worth texas. so I am sure we will be visiting them in future.



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