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Just bringing you up to date



It's time to clear the summer crops up and plant the fall crop. The enticement of the barn is coming into sight. The rafters are up. But unable to work on the barn today for we are finally getting some rain.


At least we will not have to water the fields today. We got 18 laying chickens and 6 goats. The hens are giving us lots of eggs. CSA's are receiving ½ dozen of eggs in their weekly share.





Getting ready to volunteer at the Mennonite Relief Sale, September 16 & 17 at Georgia National Fairgrounds in Perry Ga. Lots of handmade quilts, furniture that get auctioned off. Besides we have a craft and bakery table. We are raising funds for Mennonite Central Committee and Christian Aid Ministries. I'm so excited to go for I have not been anywhere this whole year. Carl and I are driving down a open trailer loaded with furniture to be auctioned off.


Carl has been having trouble getting down on the toilet in the house. So, I asked the landlord to install a higher one. 14” to 17” I know it will make a difference for Carl he is 6' tall. Landlord has bought it and is going to install it the weekend were gone. Ya!


The other thing is the dead tree in the front yard needs to be taken down. For the power lines are in the way and he will have to have the power turned of Maybe he will do that also that weekend. I hope so. Cuz every time a windy storm one or two of the limbs fall.


I am celebrating Carl's 67th birthday today the September 5th. I took Carl for a big birthday breakfast Saturday morning. Then across the street for hair cut for both of us and trim Carl's beard. I am so lucky to have Carl still here healthy and well. For the sad news is Carl's younger brother age 65 died 2 months ago. He was single and lived in Hawaii on a piece of land in a container with his dog.


He did have one previous heat attack. He was living out his dream. He was a furniture maker, the 1800 century way. We hadn't heard from him so we called the police to check on him. Police said he must have been dead two weeks. Carl is a little distraught over this news. Carl's younger Paul went to Hawaii to settle his affairs and cremate the body and spread ashes over his land and bring some back.


It's time to clear out the sunflower stocks and plant some mums.


It's been fun watching the bird feeder. There are lots of young cardinals, mommy cardinals feeding baby cardinals. The woodpeckers young are showing up. It's time for me to put out the suet block. remembertolaugh :cocktail:








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Jeannie, you and Carl are living right. Volunteering and also eating fresh farm eggs and veggies. :goodjob: I also am interested in getting a taller toilet for Larry as he is tall. He uses an over the toilet seat now but I would like a taller one in the hall. Let me know which one your landlord installs if you will. Thanks.


I'm sorry about your brother-in-law.


Have a good week. :cocktail:



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Jeannie, sad news about your brother-in-law, living alone sometimes has that sad ending. My condolences to Carl.


It is lovely to read your blog about gardening and acts of charity. You are living out a dream in a way, helping others, being a positive influence in your community. I really admire you for that.



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I knew you were not in Texas when you said you are getting rain. We got drought conditions all over Texas and now it's burning with wild fires and many homes are lost in the fires.


Well, what you sat out to do is working for you and I can imagine it gets easier with time. You'll have the hang of it in another year or two. My mom and dad was farmers and had chickens too. I was glad to leave home and join the Army in 1958. I said then if it can't be found in a store I don't need it.


But in your case these days it's a much different story I can see that. So hang on in there it gives you plenty to keep you busy and eating without spending lots of money.


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Julie I'll let you know. My landlord just installed the same toilet in his own house. Thank you for your condolences.


Sue Thank you for your condolences. All the volunteering I hope it has helped, cuz It has done wonders for me and Carl.

Fred, Georgia had drought conditions last summer. So I feel for ya. Fred those shots in my knees (thank God)

has given me a new life. I've done so much on my feet, it is a miracle.

Thank you all remembertolaugh, Jeanniebean :cocktail::cocktail::cocktail:

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