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September 11 Was Grand Parents Day This Year



We all know around the world that September 11, 2011 marked ten years since many innocent lives were lost when the US came under attack by a terrorist attack. Yesterday was somber in that regard as many prayers went up from many people to a higher power! We pray that never happens again in the free world around the globe and that peace can be obtained between nations where no lives are lost for no reason!


I spent most of the day yesterday in church services and in prayer for our survivors right here at stroke net. As we know, many of us are paralysed and having to use wheelchairs, walkers, canes or a scooter to go about having a normal day inside or outside the home enjoying the world as we know it to be. It's a true struggle in many cases for each of us but I look at the whole picture and be glad we survived and are still alive!


Yesterday was Grandparents day, Sept 11th this year and many of us are proud grandparents. We have generations of our off springs to love and cherish as we grow older each passing year. Some of them are caring for us now as care giver. More older people are being cared for these days by their children and grand children. Where would we be without them?


My little 7 year old grand daughter lives with us and she is my helper. When she comes in the room she ask if I need her to get me anything from the refrig or warm something in the microwave. Of course she knows she gets to eat or drink what ever it may be. Her way of eating sweets or something her mom may not want her to have.


I help her with school home work, reading books and anything she needs help with. She just turned 7 last month and in the third grade already. I can see where her college money is coming from so I put aside for that reason already. Before she leaves for school she makes sure to say "see you later Pa-Pa, you need anything?"


"Did you hear about the grandparents who were so tickled that their grandchildren were coming to visit for a week that they put an extra ten dollars in the offering plate at church? When the grandchildren went home at the end of the week, the grandparents' joy must have doubled because that Sunday they put a twenty dollar bill in the plate!"


I think that means they were real glad the visit had ended. We are always glad to see them so long as their stay is short!


Now also when I am old and gray-headed, O God, forsake me not; until I have shewed thy strength unto this generation, and thy power to every one that is to come. Psalms 71:18!


I might add that I first got married July 1960, that gives me over 50 years in the parenting field. Many of you know I'm married for the fourth time since July 1998. This seems to be my last time saying vows and I'm so glad she has been right by my side right through the stroke and beyond to this day. I have had the privilege of raising kids, grand and great grand kids too!



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