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TIA,, the aftermath..life goes on ,,,



It has been a while since my last blog on here...I am on medication to stablize my B/P and aspirin instead of Aggrenox,, does terrible things to my stomach..It has been nearly 18 months since I went into hospital with a TIA,,,and frankly at the time it scared the crap out of me...I didn't know what the hell was going on,,,all I knew was that my head was not functioning at 100% and I was getting some physical issues as well...I am as I said 18 months down the road from this ...I get some muscular discomfort though not connected with this condition, and some headaches now and again.


There are some young people at the drop in center where I haunt,,,,who have had dibilitating CVA's,,some in wheelchairs,,some also have a diagnosed Mental Illness as well...So my situation seems almost as relevant as a scraped knuckle in comparison...I have been dealing with a lot of depression lately.....these guys are a huge inspiration for me,,, and I am very thankful that they are there and are able to maintain a very positive outlook on everything,,,THANKS GUYS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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One thing I have learned is you can't compare pain. I came here after having 5 strokes and being told I would never do any of what I can do. I thought my case was pretty bad but i see so many here who had one stroke that seem to me worse than all 5 of mine. And I also have mental illness. I am sorry for the struggle you have. It matters--YOU matter.


Let those people inspire you to climb to a place where you find happiness and contentment.



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to every individual their deficits are the biggest & worst problems in the world. but I am glad you are looking around & finding u were fortunate. Though I feel you still need to find acceptance & new normal for your new life. TIA or stroke changed your life in an instant, but you are still here & have to make best lemonade out of your lemons. For me counting my blessings every day has helped me deal with my new normal. I feel your attitude towards your experiences will make you either bitter or better person. & ofcourse happiness is a choice, so have to choose wisely over your thoughts.



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Mycroftt: Go to your pharmacy or store and get Enteric-Coated Aspirin. It comes in all the doses, has an orange coating. This dissolves in the intestine and not in the stomach and should make a world of difference. Also you must take any aspirin with food. Bruce takes the regular, but I give it to him with his morning cereal and he has been OK so far.


A brain injury is a brain injury. Supposedly TIAs leave no residual, but I have seen too many in my career as a nurse to object to that. Something got hurt and maybe the hurt got resolved, but you can not convince me that the individual is as good as pre-TIA. You know when I was in Nursing School, we were taught that TIAs were not necessarily pre-cursors to stroke. Boy has the medical community changed their thinking on that in the last 18 years.


Continue going to your drop in center. It is good to interact with others who have suffered brain involvement injuries. Work hard, accept your feelings and work towards feeling better. Read my blog entitled "Chris". Doctor is calling her injury a "cerebellar bleed." Call it whatever you want, but she has residual.


Know I am thinking of and praying for you. Just keep on truckin'-Debbie

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Sometimes just think back and say to yourself, "Well I got pains and uneasy feelings at times but my greatest feeling is that I'm alive." For me that relieves the depression or any sad feelings I sit and think about like saying "Why Me." "Why Not Me?" I tell all the people I meet and see daily, "I'm enjoying another day above ground."


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Wow, Here Here Fred. We to are Thankful. Prescious momments. Good Luck Mycroft. And remember as a great one said to me 2 years ago Invisible defisits hurt just the same. Just because my strokes did not come with a walker or a wheel chair, they hurt just the same.

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