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post-stroke pain



hello...I had a stroke almost 1 year ago...I now suffer from chronic pain in my legs and arms. The doctor has me on pain meds. but they only help a little. I would like to hear from other stroke survivors who also have this issue and how they deal with it on a day to day basis.


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Karen: you will not work towards recovery if you are in pain. And there are way too many choices out there for you to have to suffer.


My Bruce refuses to take any narcotics. I see the pain in his face as he goes about his daily routine and keep in mind he has no professional therapies. When he did I was able to convince him to take an extra Zanaflex-for spasms even though it would zonk him.


There are many here who are under the supervision of a Pain Management specialist. And hopefully they will chime in. Tramadol for Bruce takes the edge off only. And we do Zanaflex, Baclofen-both for spasms and the quarterly Botox. I know that if he ever truely decides on aggressive, professional Rehab; he will need something more.


Keep investigating. There has to be something out there that will work to give you some relief. Thinking of you, Debbie

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I had my strokes in January 2011. My main issue was/is right arm shoulder weakness. I had very significant pain that actually increased after I went back to work. I went back to therapy and they did some estim and ordered a TENS unit. I used that daily til about 2 weeks ago. Don't take the narcs anymore unless it's been a very active day. Motrin is enough. Still take Lyrica at night. My shoulder is still weak, I cannot lift it on my own but use my other arm to move it and have pulleys to stretch it.

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In my case my doctor kept changing meds until we got one or two that really worked for me. That may be one option you should check about when the meds you take now only helps a little. A referral by your doctor to see a pain clinic is another option.


The last is keep moving those parts in pain and using them daily stretching, flexing and exercising. That was a big help in my case and I'm almost at 8 years recovering but still have pains but "Not Killing Me Pains." I kinda bet every stroke survivor has some pains at times daily!


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Daily stretching, and exercising are essential. I just took off six months of Ot therepy and sure enough all pain is almost gone now that i'm back in. You know your own body not the drs. so keep trying.

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