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Work is a wonderful Place



Work for me is a wonderful place, there are over 200 employees and a third of those are disabled to the outside world but once inside these walls no one is disabled just workers. For more than 100 years this organization has served the community by enhancing the lives of the blind, visually impaired and disabled to achieve their highest level of independence. The building is a newly remodeled 4 floor building with an attached 19th century mansion on Main Street in Buffalo NY.

The first floor has the low vision clinic where I work as a driver and return specialist. There also is the rehab department which helps the blind live more independently. The statler center which is a school for the blind and disabled who want to go back to work is located in the refurbished mansion. There are students from all over the USA, who come to this school to learn how to get back to work, and I enjoy talking to them, I am an alumni.

The second floor is the manufacturing department were we hand sew American Flags, construction vests and military uniforms to The Department of Defense specifications and this is all done by people who are “handicapped”.

The third floor has a call center and 211 referral services. The 211 service gives individuals free and confidential referrals to Western New York health and human service providers.

The fourth floor houses an adult day care center and offices.

We also have six apartment complexes for visually impaired and physically disabled tenants.

It is my goal to help people to the best of my ability for the rest of my life and I found a place where I can do this.


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I think I saw this place on TV today about the government closing down these kinds of places to save budget money from the military contracts! Like you said where else could a job like this benefit so many in the work force with their handicap?


It would make a big difference if these credit card companies would bring those jobs back to America and more people could be employed with disabilities!! When the military contracts are cut to save more money then more people will be out of a job and income!!

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