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Prego and scared



I have wanted a child for so long and thought I knew exactly how I would feel but I never thought I would be scared to die without meeting my baby. I'm so very scared that I will not be able to keep my baby safe. When I allow myself to be normal and not think about my stroke I begin to feel so blessed and in aww. I was not at all trying to get pregnant but I stopped working due to stress and fatigue so I guess that's what happens when you are not stressed lol. I see my neurologist on the 22nd and I hope he can keep a good eye on us and refer me to a good Ob. Btw u are the first to know besides my husband.


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:congrats: jessica. Enjoy the pregnancy & motherhood, I am sure you will do just fine with good obgyn & oter doctors on team. just take one day at a time to enjoy every moment.



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Jessie: Congratulations! Wonderful news. I certainly understand scary and so excited. Please keep us posted! Yahoo! Kisses to hubby. Debbie

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Jessica :


morning sickness will end soon, I know when you are going through them you feel its never going to end, but like everything else this shall pass too, try eating food you can tolerate. & don't forget to enjoy this amazing grace of God in your life.



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