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Catching up




Once again, it has been quite awhile since I have updated. I have been reading the forums and other blogs, but sometimes I just feel too tired to type what's in my head. I've had some pretty good days with mom, lately. 3 weeks ago, during the coldest days we have had this year, I was sick. I kept going for awhile. My grandkids were sick and home from school, 1 at a time, and I took care of them. Then my husband was sick. I thought I was going to dodge it, but didn't. I was on the couch for 5 days, I didn't even go see mom. I was concerned about how she would handle it, but she did quite well. I called every day and a couple of days I even talked with her on the phone. She did well.


Today wasn't a great day, Mom's room-mate has been sick with a uti and very cranky and disoriented and I think that bothers mom. She told me her mouth was sore, so I took her lower denture out and soaked it. I hope she isn't coming down with something, she kept sneezing today. A couple of weeks ago she had pink eye and now her left eye looks red again, so I don't know.


I'm still so frustrated over the lack of staff and things that just get neglected. I'm so glad I can go every day and make sure mom is getting the attention she needs. Another things I'm frustrated with, and I've mentioned this before, is how people just assume she has dementia because her words don't come out right. I know they just don't understand. When I am there, I can at least be her "interpreter". Some days her speech is so much better than others. Sometimes the things that come out, are just crazy. The other day she said something so off the wall and I try so hard not to laugh and she started laughing, because she realized what she said was funny. Today before I left she said, " ya know what I'm hungry for?". I said, "What? She said, "Some Hawaiian pineapple men". Oh my, the brain is so complicated. She has all of these words and names in there and they all come out whenever they want. Sometimes she gets so frustrated she just says, "Never mind" or after she has told me something, she'll say, "no, no, that's not true, I don't know what I'm talking about". All in all, her speech has improved so much and she is more content (usually). We have alot to be thankful for.



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I do think this sickness is going around me and all my family has been sick, coughing, nose running and feeling terible all day and night then it goes away probably to catch another person somewhere.


It wasn't the flu but just like it and we all had our flu shots real early. This norovirus came out about the same time too. I'm still having to go to the bathroom frequently and stomach is so upset.


I'm glad mom is doing good and as you know it just takes time to recover from a brain injury no matter how you got it. Her speech was affected and could last for quite some time but she is a survivor and alive like the rest of us survivors here. You are right there is a lot to be thankful about.

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Do you know how important that breakthrough was with the laughter and recognizing that what she had said made no sense, and when Mom heard it - she processed that it made no sense! Remarkable. A gift.


Bruce's is usually "I don't know" but it is so much fun, so heart lightening when they recognize it and can laugh. And then you work to the point. So much more fun, more cognizent than "never mind" and they quit.


You do need to take heed to the amount of responsibility you are taking on - sick family and trying to be there for Mom. Please have a heads up to your own health and wellbeing. Do concentrate on good nutrition, some fresh air, exercise and just some time out.


I know the frustrations of dealing with the SNF - but the advantage you have is that you are there and on top of things every day. That is major in regards to caregiving - and you know that from the ones you see who have no one.


Great news and thank you so much for updating. Debbie

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