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Well I Must Prepare For Another Eye Surgery On The 16TH



One more eye to go for cataract surgery on the 16th with pre-opt stuff on the 13th. That's an all day affair at the VA. Then the day of surgery my wife has to drive me there and back as I will again have to wear that eye patch home. This time I won't be nervous at all now that I know they will not be cutting on my eye. I never thought about laser I was thinking scalpel in my eye. But it's neat they give you a card to carry around with you showing you have had eye surgery and a lens placed in your eye.


It works for me because my driver license states I must drive with eye glasses only. When they removed my motorcycle permit from my licenses they added Auto Trans only I guess to make sure I don't ride a bike again with my left arm hanging like it does now. My brain tells me not to get on a motorcycle but I was thinking of a 3-wheeler with auto trans and steering wheel and brake pedal installed. That's a custom job with a 4 cylinder engine too.


Also you can get it with a push button rag top now that's styling big time. Now if I were an old Cougar scouting around that would be a go getter for sure. There are a couple of them here in the city owned by disabled Veterans and they love their machines let me tell you! They got fancy paint jobs and big tires on all of them. I had the dream of owning one but not any more. To get one customized like that is flat expensive plus the price of the 3-wheeler itself.


I'm staying with my 3-wheel battery operated scooter that I haul around in my SUV. That's all I will need especially in the casinos, stores and all the places I go or visit.


My other project now is having to transport my little puppy to New Orleans for her mating sessions and finding the time to do that around my up coming eye surgery. She is entering her Heat season and I'm not sure how long that last. Getting on the road for a 500 mile trip myself is out the question. My grand daughter is still in school so her mom can't go either because that's how she gets to school. My daughter graduates from college this month too and my poor wife got to work making up for the days she is off to drive me for my surgery.


Now my plate is full and I got to figure out what I must do to get all this accomplished in a timely manner as a stroke survivor. One would think I must be OK and not that my left side is paralyzed as much as I go and get around. I suppose that is what keeps me going and my mind working full time. It's a true blessing from God above I know being able to get things done.

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