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my life



Ok, so I have been trying to decide how to start this. I want everything to be smooth and flowing. biggrin.gif I guess I should start with 2001 the worst year of my life. Well, maybe not the worst, but close. The year actually started out pretty good. I was looking forward to NASCAR starting. My mom was going to get a pacemaker so that she would be able to breath. They scheduled everything for her in March of 2001. February 18 was when my world started collapsing around me. Dale Earnhardt died in a crash in the final turn of the Daytona 500. That devastated me. He was my hero. As you have probably guessed by now that NASCAR is my life. It is the one true love that I have that is constantly there for me. Every week from February until November, I can depend on it. Still beening very depressed from that, it was time for Mom's surgery. I talked to her the night before, and she made me promise that if anything happened, I would let my dad suffer through it and not come here to help. My dad called me the next night at 12:00 AM to tell me that she had a stroke. That was March 7, 2001.

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Hi, I am from the small state of AR and was wondering which rehab your mom went to? and if we lived close enough and she needed someone else to talk to, a survivor that is, I am a pretty young survivor 29 had stroke at 27 and would love to sit/listen to any feelings she may have while getting use to her new stroke life and greiving her old one.

Thank you ,

Amy Sullivan

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