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Caregiver's needs





My wife is one of the best caregivers one could ask for. Nothing is too much trouble for her and I am very aware of how much of a burden this could be so I do my best to make things easy for her. Firstly I insist that she continues with her own hobbies and group functions. We used to go out together weekly to a quiz. I was pretty useless and quite frankly rather pleased for an excuse to pull out. I insisted that she continue and I save sci-fi tv programs that I can watch on my own. She is allowed to keep her mobile phone active in case I require her.


Day before yesterday was her 76th birthday. I am allowed to walk around the block on my own so I took the opportunity of sneaking into the local supermarket and purchased one large chocolate bun and some party candles. Left it with a neighbour till I knew the coast was clear, snuck out and collected it, put it on a plate with the candle stuck in and that evening as she was cooking the evening meal I put it on the meal table. It was beautifully timed, she walked in from the kitchen with the finished meal to find it alight and glowing. She was overjoyed with my deceipt.





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