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Something for Bob



Well, I had a tough time deciding whether to put this under my hobbies I do for me, or on the regular Bob blog!


Bob has no right hand/arm usage, but a good working left hand, and he's left handed :)

The thing is, he can leave the stroke hand in his sweatshirt sleeve or under his lap cover, but he likes to USE his good hand, and so when he's on the porch in marginal weather, his hand gets cold! Putting a glove on the good hand, would kinda render it useless for picking up his army men or legos that he likes to build scenes with..... so.... keeping it warm without taking it out of service was the goal. So these are called fingerless mitts - no fingers, no finger holes, just a thumb slot. By laying it on his leg he can just snake his hand in and out HIMSELF, as he needs it, all fingers still working. I also put a trinket on the front so he can immediately see which is the front, without looking for the thumbhole.

Knit Pattern: http://web.archive.org/web/20100612011913/http://ohmystars.net/craft/knitting/knitgloves.html





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Great idea Sandy.  I am glad Bob has some hobbies to keep hi busy, very important.  And the sitting out in the fresher air helps with depression and fills his body with oxygen so a good tonic now that Spring is here for you.

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Sandy, I understand what you are saying about one hand because I only got my right hand I can use while my whole left side is paralyzed head to my big toe.... That makes for a hard time trying to carry anything in my left hand at any time....


A cane in my right hand being careful not to loose my balance and I can't carry nothing else nor use my left hand..... Trying to carry a cup of coffee from McDonald's is a no-no.....


I took both dog and her puppy to Petco for a trim but the groomer came outside and got them both from the car and she brought them back when I went back to pick them up.... Of course I gave her a good tip for being so nice and she said well Mr King I know you can only use one hand.....

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