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The more things change, the more they stay the sam



When I went back to work from medical leave, my management (those people who have my "best interests" at heart) decided I needed to be doing something different. At first I was very frustrasted and upset. After all, this is what I had done for 15 years of my life for these idiots who knew nothing to do this to me.


The new duties I have now I grew into and enjoy looking back on it but I digress. I won't bother telling you what my new duties are now or what my old duties were. There are only a handful of people in the US who are qualified to .


Anyway, I am digressing again.


So I am off working with my databases and entering data (yawn, the stuff they decided needed to be working on now) and they keep coming up and asking me questions about my former job. Charles, How do you do so and so... Charles, How do you do this.... Charles, How do you do that...


Now that I have bored you to tears. Neeeedsleeep.gif


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I hate when that happens.


Once upon a time I was rated the #2 IT professional in my county. I still get people who recognize me when I'm doing my lock work and ask me networking and computer questions.


For me, it was a choice to get out of that field. I truly hate computers, but I was cursed with to be a natural.



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i hope you aren't dispensing FREE information to these dummies!!!???? i hope you have a snazzy comeback when they ask you a question. then again, THEN they would accuse you of "not being a team player", huh???you can't win for losing, can you????



kim Argh.gifArgh.gif

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The thing is Kim they will never know as much as much about this diagnostic system as I do and they know it.


If they ask questions, I answer them. I never volunteer information unasked though.


God I love my job. beer.gifgleam.gifflowers.giflol_2.gifwicked.gif

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