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been thinking about how lucky we got thanks to our parents



recently someone sent message on what's app about race & how some people get ahead in life aka race  thanks to other conditions in their life which does not mean they were smarter than others or anything. Sometime you do feel cocky & feel oh its all you & not realize how you were blessed to have set of parents who made right choices in life for you & raised you well which allowed you to get so many opportunities along the way, so can't puff your chest & think oh its all me  & not realizing how you were placed ahead in life's race by your loving parents who did right thing. I remember growing up  & even in my adulthood I blamed my mom for being too strict & always comparing me with other siblings or neighborhood friends to inspire me to work hard & do more yes those techniques did create other side effects for which I blamed  my mom. but now that I m mother & mature enough to understand all those tricks & able to forgive my mom in my head & heart. I am actually so thankful for having set of parents we had, mom did most of the heavy lifting in raising us & dad stayed in background providing for us with best of his ability. I have been talking with all my cousins recently, & that thought has been running my head,  I can see with our set of parents we did get head start in  our life & all us siblings did pretty  well in our life. yes all of us have gone through our set of troubles in life but by helping each other out & being there for each other we have done good in life.



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Gratitude is good.  I realised early in life that my parents sacrificed a lot to see we had what we needed.  They were never well off but we had the right clothes for school, time to do our homework and when they could help us they did.  i think having unselfish parents is a great gift.  I guess we all make some mistakes in the raising of our children but if we love them we do the best we can for them.

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Asha thanks for sharing


I only I was much more mature to thank my parents before they passed away.


I know they are aware of my gratitude but I wish I had told them .

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