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my gratitude list




I know we should do this every day, but I have decided to do at least on thanksgiving day things I am grateful for


1. I am grateful to be still alive & with my loving family who are always by my side on my good, bad & worst days, that makes my life journey so much joyous & meaningful.

2. I am grateful that I can still walk, talk & enjoy life to fullest.

3. I am grateful that my sense of humor is still intact so that I am able to laugh through my difficulties & still able to have loads of fun.

4. I am grateful for family & friends who chose to stay or come in our life & some who decided to walk away, taught me some great lessons in life.

5. I am grateful for all experiences in my life, they have made my life so much richer & meaningful due to it.

6. grateful for my stroke too, it taught me some beautiful lessons in life which otherwise I would have missed it

7. grateful for all of our abundance in life, which I had never even imagined in my life. God has been very kind to us & I am thankful for all of it.

8. I am grateful for my loving husband & our loving & mature son without them this life would have been meaningless, joyless & boring.

9 grateful for my mom, brother, sisters,my in laws all of them make my life so much colorful & joyous.

10. I am grateful for this second chance.









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Asha so well said I think most of us if we were to compile the list with saying basically the same thing you speak for all of us thank you so much my friend I'm thankful for the stroke Network and The Beautiful People that I have met through blogs

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hey Jay :


how can I forget strokenetwork & amazing friends  like you I made due to stroke


Thanks for being here





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I am grateful for most of the things you have listed.  From my caregiver perspective I am grateful for all the people I have met because of Ray's strokes, people who have enriched my life and been such a blessing to me. Including those here in the Blog Community and you too my friend.

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