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Who is your go to person?




They asked me. They is the Ca Dept of health. I said I complain. They said yes you must. The lady said I think I worked with you before. Yes. Then I said what I called to say. And said Yes I told everyone. I go to everyone. Who can do more than listen? And yes thank you for acknowledging I have valid concerns. Then I was told I may not get what I want. ok here the waters go choppy. In my mind acceptance is only when all options run dry. Sure it may not go my way even if I have a valid concern but I Never GO GENTLY.  It is because I was a resource for others. Now for myself.

Never be silenced. Keep on doing.


I am tired and ill. I got 2 hours of sleep because roomie said she wanted coffee or to eat every 30 seconds for hours. She is angry and yells. Dementia is too cruel.


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Dementia is so cruel, and very hard to be exposed to if you do not have it yourself. Do you have head phones with quiet music playing that you can use to block out the noise? I had a roomie at Women's Weekends for a couple of years who could only sleep with the light on and music playing. The first time I shared with her was difficult but the next was okay.  I did understand the problem but still found it hard.  It must be hell for you

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