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It's not all that bad




So my father and I went to Philadelphia to visit my Neuro Ophthalmologist  this afternoon . I always have a great time when I have my ‘Daddy/Daughter’ day trips. Most have been to doctor appointment but always a good time. So. I see a doctor who, in my opinion, is the greatest eye doctor ( But I’m Bias lol) and after going through a barrage of testing my vision  we determined that NO prisim will ever correct my sight for I have Nystagmus ( eye bouncing) that basically makes seeing a single object and clear. My eyes have perfect vision on their own but using both eyes… NO DICE.. Imagine one half of your sight moves up and down all the time. And to close my right eye and only look out of my left, which had Nystagmus but not as bad as right, strains my left eye so reading is very difficult.  Not ony that but comprehension is difficult  but every page is a new page each time I read it.

  So the doctor had three possibilities that I could do so see bette because using a patch is something I could do but I need a prescription  for distance. One was using contacts that would give me the strength to see distance but on the right it would basically black out my vision by covering my iris. Contacts freak me out as it so that was a big time no go. Second was botox. Hearing what botox could do to stop my bouncing sounded so good but the down side was it freezes your eye and It may not rest straight so it would be frozen looking off to the side,with no movement, but my left eye could still move.. NO

Third was using a strong prescription strength on my right eye that basically won’t allow sight from it so I’m lookin out of my left eye only. I’ll also get a pair of reading glasses ( same lens to block sight and no prescription on my left) for I close my eye on the right to read fo that isn’t a problem. So I’m going to get that lens soon and give me time so get adjusted to them.

But the best news that just made my day: I will be starting Medicare in 2018 and was told no vision, and I was so upset for I waited so long to find the doctor of my dreams. WELL… my issue is Medical so COVERED.. I almost walked out after hearing that for I was happy. I told my father that hearing that was  my Christmas gift. .



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you have great fighting spirit, and I am glad you are finding good solutions for your eye & its covered by medicare. will pray for happy, healthy & prosperous new year for you.




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I hope 2018 will be a great year for you. I admire your perseverance with finding solutions to the problems you have health-wise and emotionally. You are an inspiration to many on here.

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