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Good news




Some of you know that Lesley’s 95 yr old mum has come from New Zealand to live with us in TN. The day after Christmas we got a most welcome surprise, her Green Card has been approved and she is now a permanent US resident.we are all ecstatic to say the least. Although we expected it to go thru, it was still in the back of our minds, what if.... but now, all is well on that front. Having her here is such a joy and blessing to us all.


this may change our travel plans with the motorhome. Mum dearly loves to travel in it and see the USA. She is so bright and asks a million questions about everything she sees. On a recent trip to Branson,MO for vets week as we were coming back she saw cotton fields being harvested in Mississippi. We stopped and got her some fresh cotton. She considered it a real prize. We also passed by some catfish farm ponds which she found interesting. Never a dull moment with her and Lesley around!


our planned winter trip to Texas got canceled because I started to have uncontrolled afib. Off to a cardiologist and then two weeks of a heart monitor and then told I needed a pacemaker. A few days later it was in and done. I must admit I feel and look better afterwords. In a few more weeks the healing should be finished and we may reschedule some sort of RV trip. Mum and I are now healthy, but Lesley may need a knee replacement so all is on hold pending where that goes.


so that is a quick catch up on our life here in TN. Got to go now, a cup of tea is calling........



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Greetings from New Zealand and congrats to Mum-in-law for getting green card. It will be very interesting to find how she handles the winter weather! Tell her that NZ is unchanged despite new government except that we are having extremes of weather. Papakura has not changed much at all!


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merry chistmas & happy new year, thanks for update congratulations on your mother in law getting getting green card, my mom became citizen of this country after greencard holder for 20+ plus years. enjoy your road trip with your family. hope to hear all fun road trip stories soon.




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