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I need vacation to recover from this vacation




I am so tired & need vacation to recover from our vacation. after we came home from our vacation we had guests from India & canada, so I did not get breather to recover from our vacation & my fall right after our vacation was also no help. luckily it was nothing major & just bruised ego & scared me for few days.  hubby was also sick so no help anywhere. I think now that guests r gone I will be able to recover this weekend & get into my old routine back. I get all rattled when my routine is upset, though I end up going with flow & enjoy the day, but still feel something amiss in my day.  Currently I am reading great book. I don't know how but I have always found for me I have found right people, books, friends in my life when I needed them most. & some with lot of efforts on my part, some fell in my lap on its own like this book, which has made me firm believer there r no accidents in life. any how life has its own ups & downs some days r good, some not so but eh who cares I am happy person as long as I get up & have my morning coffee with amazing breakfast, life is good in my mind lol. book I m reading right now is following one.





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Asha, when I was still working I always thought the sign of a good vacation was going back to work to recuperate from the vacation now now that I'm retired I did take a vacation last summer when my son got married out in Pittsburgh and I had to get back to my normal routine just to recuperate after your vacation and having house guess there's no way for you to get back into any type of normal routine so another vacation could be the right move but at a minimum getting back to a normal routine take care my friend


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These days I try to organise my vacations with a recovery vacation afterwards.  e.g. after my NYC trip last July I went on a week long cruise before getting on the plane to come home.  And just now I had 2 weeks off for xmas and new year so I went "hiking" for the first week and then snoozed at the family country place for the week after.

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Just saying 'Hi' and I like heathber's idea (above) about planning recovery days at the same time you plan a vacation.

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Good to see you dropping by again Jean. Asha's blogs have always been an inspiration to me and give me something to think about. It is great to have regular contributors in the Blog Community. Miss your input but catch up on your blogs from time to time.

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