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So many things in my head, have to write down to get it off my brain




So many things going on in my life, that I have it to get off my brain & on here, so that I can make a room for new fun-filled memories. one of the highlight is our son just turned 21 & also scored well in his exams. the way he procrastinates till last moment, hubby & I were wondering & congratulating ourselves, that maybe someone watching over him for him to do so well without working hard. He does work hard but at very last moment & that does make both of us sweat & make very uncomfortable. Anyhow now to next unpleasant topic I do have knee pain in my good leg, I am managing it with OTC meds & other pain relief ointments. Pain is no fun though it does have power to put things in perspective. Another thing I am noticing about people around me people have stopped excusing me for using my stroke card like we do for our son. he can't use excuses for not doing something he was asked for.








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you should be proud parents. Kiddo is doing an amazing job.. Funny you mentioned about memories.. someone just said to me yesterday use my phone or a pocket recorder to just say the thought u want to remember. I usually have a great thought then by the time I go write it down, I've either forgotten what it was or why I cared

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Hard to believe that kiddo is a grown man of 21 now. As his parents you have done a great job of raising a fine young man. Yes, he probably has his faults but we all do. He will do things in ways you would have done differently but by accepting him as he is you will regain your peace of mind…

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