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Low Immune Response




I am sick yet again. In the hospital for 4 days at New Years which took me a month to regain my strength. (Steroids during) My back went out in February and on steroids again. Diagnosed with Diabetes 2 during hospital stay. Chronic harshness, throat pain and ear ache but not really sick since mid February. I have to see an ENT on the 23rd to figure out what's wrong. Then Sunday get an extremely sore throat and coughing, now stuffy nose, ear aches, headache, phlegm :getting-sick:. I feel like poop. Another round of steroids which will make my blood sugar out of site once again. I am just whining but dang. What is happening?



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Hope Spring happens for you soon, just sitting out in the sun can raise your spirits and make you feel better. Mum used to give us lemon juice and honey for sore throats, much better than steroids. Some viruses seem very hard to shake off so hopefully you are better soon .

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You are right your immune system is not coping at the moment.  Vitamins A,C,E Zinc and Echinachea may help and make sure you are getting enough rest but also some exercise (listen to the body about how much exercise is right). I also like Sue's suggestion of sitting in the sun and getting some vitamin D, if/when the weather allows.  Take care of yourseld and I hope you kick it out soon!

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A big thank you for the suggestions you all and the positive support. Believe it or not I am still sick. :thumbs-down: A trip to the ER Sunday due to breathing issues ant got a big shot of steroids. I have asthma and we are in the red for pollen right now which makes things worse. I didn't however have to be admitted .     :2thumbs: My oxygen stats dipped into the hypoxia zone but would always come back up 87-95.   Yayyy!!! A in hospital breathing treatment and then got to come home. Today I have noticed improvement...I can speak better (complete laryngitis yesterday). So it it my personal hope that I have reached the plateau and am now descendeding. I am ready to kick this critter to the curb.

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This was a tough year with viruses going through everywhere.

Glad you got through it.


I am taking probiotics now since my illness. Hoping it helps.

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