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power of Grit




As I am going through my own life's experiences, I am realizing power of grit. hubby always says I am very fast  in  some of the things than him, but there is underlying difference between him & me, hubby never gives up on any thing even when things get very hard case in point our own marriage after my stroke, giving up on us was so easy, I was so close to doing it, thank god for our young son & all support from my family & friends, that I persisted & learnt valuable lesson of life, to be successful in life Grit  & being organized plays valuable role in life.  Slowly & steadily I am developing that grit muscle in my life.


I guess what I am trying to say here as long as one don't give up & keep on trying help comes along & life becomes beautiful again, that's my spiritual lesson of the week " Never give up & keep on pushing the envelope & somehow God will help out along the way & you will be on your path of happy new normal"










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We say: "Keep on keeping on." I guess that is the same thing. Asha you always have an inspirational thought that resonates with me. Thank you.

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My family call it exercising my stubborn.  we are taught that being stubborn is a character flaw, but it's also the character trait that gets people through these sorts of challenges. NEVER SURRENDER!

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