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pain is no fun




Right now I am going through severe pain in my good leg & I feel guilty for putting my lovely family through trouble because of me. I was thinking how will I ever compensate my family for putting them through my health melodrama. I was praying to God that maybe I should get lottery & if I win that way at least I won't be burden on them. My "rich"(content) husband reminded me he has enough & all he wants is my health nothing  more. I was telling him money is not for him, money is there for me  to make me feel better about my existence lol.  I just pray OTC pain meds works & I m pain free.







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Asha, I do hope you find a solution for the pain in your good leg.  Remember your "good" leg has been doing more than it's share for a long time now so its not that surprising that its letting you know about it.  Its probably a good idea to discuss it with your physio.  My physio, often does tune up work on my "good" arm when it gets overuse issues.

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