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My spinal stimulator trial was denied



So maybe I will or maybe I won't, but the flippin insurance world is deciding my medical treatment.


The denial letter said we were told you have tummy pain. Ok so after my eyes bugged out of my spinning head, I was laughing like a leprechaun with a new pot o gold.  Guuuuuulllllllllllleeeee Sarge, but why caneyt aye ave a spinal stimulator for my tummy?


After a quick call, I had insurance insisting tummy was listed in the diagnosis, and then the girl answering the phones at the pain management clinic at the world renowned Strokeplace was searching to find any mention of tummy in the doctor notes.


Wow I thought maybe I was Alice dreaming, or that maybe THC got in my food off the cook's apron, because in what universe is a doctor using a oversophistocated,ultratechnical medical jargon terminology such as TUMMY.


Sheesh I disconnect at the moment the insurance agent...they still call them agents now or are they guidance guides...telling me that if I want to appeal then it will require them to send me papers to sign so I should ask the doctor to send more information. Do I sound like an alligator lunched on my arms at the 


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Insurance companies, care only about the money they can make. Forget the patient.  after my discharge from inpatient rehab.  I was continuing with out patient therapy.   After 3 months the insurance decided I was cured and needed no m ore therapy.

In direct conflict with my therapists, OTPT & speech.  what do they know?


be strong, this craziness needs to end sometime.  I just hope we are here to witness it.

thoughts and prayers,


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Yes,it is in the hands of the doctor now who is wondering how my CPS diagnosis was confused with Tummy Pain and so it will be sorted out.


I get so many letters saying everything is not on formulary. so annoying

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