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The Art of Walking




Many, outside of our world, will not understand. That’s why I write this for you.  Or US.

How many 56-year old people need to think about walking?

Just another “Step” on the journey of my the new normal.

I can’t do all the thing now that I did before the stroke.

Before, I walked without thinking about the mechanics involved

And I always had a long stride.

Recently, I’ve realized with my old long stride I tend to limp

Causing more pain in my other hip.

I need to discuss with my physical therapist.

No need to create more issues, doing something wrong.

I have an idea, but won’t try until I get the okay from my therapist

Always leave the bigger decisions to the professionals.

Simply looking for that inner balance

Of eliminating pain, avoiding other problems.

And maybe Look a bit more Normal, as I was around town.

Thanks for allowing me to spew.

I can’t think of anyone my age spending 30 minutes thinking about walking. Lol

I know you get it.

 Be well, God Bless.





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Precisely Jay, although my walking is now getting more automatic, I spent years thinking lift, bend, weight shift and I still have to revert to that if I'm tired.

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Last night I looked at my reflection as I walked and said " My right side looks so finny" well duh.. that was my affected side. 


I have to say to myself " step" or " lift" its crazy

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Hi Jay, totality understand. When i walk, I am talking to myself, reminding myself to lift my right leg. I am tired of falling ! never mind Jay, we are "survivors".



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