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The Princess and The Pea




Today I went for a shoe fitting, and I needed the insole adjustments made too because they were not done properly.  I walked in telling  the guy that I felt like I walking on a pebble in my shoe but it was only the insert and maybe I was like the princess and the pea. So he took out in insole and he found a tiny thing in the seam.  I said Seriously?? And he said well you called it!  Oh we laughed, but then he took the insert back to make it thinner so my shoe will be more comfortable.   I love my shoes now and they fit with plenty of room now that the insert has been made thinner.  And the best part is that I get the shoes and inserts free.  And I found out that if you are VA then you get two per year. wowee. But  I am happy with my new shoes now and no one will be saying these are not the right size to me or else this princess is going to thow a pea.


And then when I got back, there was my admirer waiting for me by my room. He was  He is blind and so the housekeepers take him to my room.  There he was asking the activities woman if he could have two mini candybars, one for himself and one for me.  And suprisingly she gave them to him, and I hesitated before I chose on from his open hand. It was time for me to get ready to eat lunch.  Well Iam ready for a nap and a movie.


I am going to hold onto my nice day. 



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What a great day and you deserve that and so much more. The two pairs a year sounds good. I wonder what other benefits you can get that you don't know about? I'm wondering if other veterans there can help you find out.

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So this was my process as told by someone else to do......


My doctor submitted recommendation to the referral coordinator....and I went to a DME and bought dr. comfort shoes. My podiatrist also sell that kind, so This time i went to a place that does prosthetics, shoes..all of it... and I picked out shoes from a catalog, but also tried on some models, and they had orthotics custom made and they fitted them in their place.


I do not know why I was never in the know all the years I had diabetes and could have used a collection of custom fitted shoes, so please inquire with your doctor and the VA, because I believe it is all over. 

Good luck, and check out the shoes online to see what they have for 2018 from various companies. Do not let them pick out for you or say you are limited to a couple they have in stock.

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