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finally Dan takes some tylenol




Dan fights all pills has refused all for about the last 2 years. This includes pain pills and the like. But when his brace got put on wrong it stimulated some really bad pain for him. It took 2 weeks of his groaning and I finally said- if he didn't take some tylenol I wasn't coming anymore. Blackmail basically. But darn it helped his pain. So for now he is taking the tylenol. Everything in our lives has to be dramatic. Simple tylenols become big issues. Strokes - can, in Dans case take away common sense. ON the other hand, he still thinks to look when ever he approaches the car for any leaks. Last night he seen one. Ill get it checked soon, so there is that. It always boggles me what he knows, cares about and what he doesn't . And it changes, about the time a caregiver adjusts to his demand , it changes. 



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Nancy you are such a gem. Being one of those stroke survivors that go from no common sense lol to quoting from a health manual, I can totally appreciate your plight. I shock myself sometimes...how can I not handle this circumstance and then 5 minutes later I'm giving a solution to a more complex problem. To me I feel like it goes back to how we remember and file our memories. All those files are still there but our brains can't find the right file cabinet sometimes. But then other times we stumble on an important file cabinet and we explore for a while. Yes, confusing. I'm glad Dan decided Tylenol was doable and I hope it's helping.

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Frustrating things to care about seem the norm with some strokes, Ray was the same. The things I thought important meant nothing to him, but some things had significant impact like car maintenance he would have me about.  I used to count to 100 a lot before speaking...lol.

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I am glad to hear that you are still doing well.   Yes, William is like that.  Strange?  Sometimes he is totally confused and other times he is reflective.   Last night he refused to take his meds.  But, this morning, early  I gave him his morning meds.  Amazing.  Your never know from day to day.  Hour to hour.


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