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I went to my first post stroke Neurology consult on Tuesday.  Talked about either increasing Baclofen dosage or prescribing something stronger.  Not sure what, specifically that would be.  Also said they would work on the outpaient physical therapy I've been awating word on.  And ordered a compression glove for the left hand issues.


I'm trying to remain optimistic but honestly, most days I don't leave my room all day other than bathroom trips, unless my sis takes me to Walmart for essentials, usually late at night, which is just spectacular with me.  I do use the wacky tobacco to keep me sane and help me sleep, but otherwise I don't smoke tobacco or drink alcohol, or even coffee.  I been working on future saintdom for many years even though I'm not a "believer" type.  If I am allowed to say such things here.  I know some sites frown on folk like myself.

Ah well, tv awaits...again.



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hi there :


would like to know your first name, I believe biggest part of stroke recovery in physical & mental is  to start doing  small steps in this stroke marathon.  1st step to start having routine in life, it  does not matter getting up for your tv show & having breakfast while having it,  wake up on certain time & go to bed on certain time, add our afternoon chat also on your calendar.

2. make sure to do 30 mins of exercise, be it  is walking, cycling anything you can do. it will add up making you feel good about life in general.

3. try to learn something new

4. join support group, I have found blogging here & chatting with other survivors very therapeutic for my soul. We do have scheduled chats here every day afternoon from 3-4EST & evening 8-9EST M,W & F. On Fridays our chats are usually in coffeeshop

5. for me reading spiritual books opens up my world for example I loved when bad things happens to good people , heros journey by joseph campbell. here's wikipedia link which explains bit about whats heros journey. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hero's_journey


hope to see you around often. I have seen in my own life finding this site was my biggest blessing in life, it made me feel less alone in my post stroke journey. I always found my inner strength from reading others blogs & their heroic journey back.







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Hey, If the WACKY Tabacky works for you.. then more power. I recently learned of a bi-partisan bill going through the senate to allow states to decide how to treat marijuana. I believe that would allow more respite for people with pain. I haven't found the right strain yet so I use Hemp oil.  enough about this ( im passionate about legalizing)


Only staying inside : I went through a server bought of isolation myself. I mainly did that in the beginning of my recovery. I mean, I still do for the most part. I do it for my eyes make seeing steady difficult but that may change once I get my contact next month.  Also, I had a hard time getting around at first so I didn't for a long time but mainly for I wasn't ready. I wasn't ready for I was very insecure. It took me a few years to get over that, may not take you that long.


Once you are able to find the balance that makes you feel better, you may see that your outlook might change.  Try just putting a chair outside and sit in the sun ( Vitamin D) and be sure to take your vitamins. 

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Lack of vitamin D can also add to depression so time in the sun or use a supplement, vitamin D plus magnesium is a good combination. I believe in routine too. I live on my own as I am a widow so some mornings am tempted to stay in bed as it is winter here but the routine doesn't provide for that and so up I get and go on with the day. Is there anyone who could come and visit and maybe take you out for a few hours for a change of scenery?

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Physical therapy will help a lot.   It is difficult to motivate yourself.   But, with each day you will find slight improvement.  Just work on getting better.  Getting out of your room will help.  

Good luck.

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