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irony bite



Isn't it odd, in this time of technological marvel and information overload, that so much of the material we access online is so outdated?


Along with my recent stroke I am also a throat cancer survivor, approaching my 3 year remission anniversary on Sept 29.


I found that when I was first diagnosed and started researching my situation that the majority of the data online regarding  prognosis and such,.. You know, The ultimate question of "how long do I have?" was so outdated.


And I mean really outdated.  Like a decade outdated, according to my doctors anyway, who still to this day warn patients against relying on information gotten from the internet pertaining to nearly anything medical.


Same thing I was told by neurologists at the VA when I was recovering from my stroke.


Doesn't seem fair.


It seems like information would be updated or more current... but yet...I follow a lot of medical journals and medical social media and it seems like even when information from a "new" study is published or posted online, that deeper scrutiny ultimately reveals in many cases that what is being currently posted is really just something that has at it's base a pretty ancient (relatively speaking) point of origin.


Late night/early morning musings.


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It is frustrating when you really need information (in my case on melanoma treatment) and so much of the information is misleading or incomplete.  I hope your remission continues and your recovery from the stroke too.

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Tyvm, that would be my hope as well.  I do finally have outpatient therapy scheduled for Monday afternoon, first visit of eight authorized by the VA referred to civilian hospital 12 miles away.  Barefoot, or in sock, I get around great, but put some shoes on and my foot see4ms so heavy and the sole of shoe (the toe anyway) seems to catch me up and throw me off balance.  Hopefully the PT will help me with the foot drop so I can be more confident ambulating in public w/o having to resort to a handicap store buggy all the time.


Then I can start concentrating on left hand and arm.  Ultimately, hopefully, I will regain independence enough to move out from my sister's care and get an independent apartment again.

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