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Setting Aside The Doctors Orders




I am swelling so badly, my edema is not pitting but walking is painful,like on rocks on the bottom of my foot. I cried. I wear a circaid juxta support stocking thing,but it still swells. The cardiologist changed my diuretics from lasix to bumex and spironolactone.  And so then she said nothing can help me because too much diuretics can hurt kidneys. Yes I elevate,but sometimes I sit with legs down because I get up and down. Then I lie down elevating, which puts my leg to sleep,foot tingling. Only 1 foot,the one on painful leg is numb.


So, the doc here at the home put me back on lasix,and I will not be taking what the cardiologist prescribed. Ok, so I was on lasix for a while and wanted something better,and look now I need the lasix again. I will report this to my primary again. See what she says,but the doc here sees the problem and just set aside the doctors order. How can I put my trust in any of this.


I worry not following the advice of a cardiologist. But according to her no cardiac problem now. *Plus I am on a no salt diet right? but I am taking processed ham off the chef salad, ask for a fruit plate when the food served is ham or something salty like sausages.


Sigh. So back to Drawing board.



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Sounds as if you can't win with conflicting advice and treatments. Unfortunately Lymphoedema is irreversible. I have been told keep cool, no stress, regular periods with legs elevated helps. I find I know when I have been too !ong on my feet now but I'm still having swelling days. I think it is another one day at a time process. Mine is only left thigh so am really lucky, it could have been so much worse. Sorry you are having  so much trouble with it.

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Pam :


Its so hard to find one doctor who will take in-charge of a patient & make sure all meds r prescribed correctly & not causing other side effects. I hate doctors here, every doctor will prescribe medicines to treat what is ailing patient according to their speciality with no regards  to side effects or bad interaction with other meds can cause. you some time feel like lab rat. Though you will find one good doctor out of 100s you have been seeing. persistence & patience is a key in all these matters. I pray for good solution for you soon. I know its so hard t walk on when I have that tingling sensation in my feet.




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Does massaging the leg help.  Sometimes you can push the fluid around.

I am sorry to hear that you are having such a hard time.


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lymphatic draining massage certainly helps my immobile arm. when massaging a lympheadema affected limb work towards the heart. It doesn't stop the fluid coming back of course.

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Working on the leg is working against gravity which makes it harder to move the fluid than working on an arm. I do some massage on my upper thigh first thing of a morning but it doesn't seem to make a lot of difference. It does go down a little overnight though. I think  in summer I will try icing it ( with a cover to prevent skin damage) to see if that makes a difference. 


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yep self massage on the leg is very hard. Have you done the pillow under the foot of the bed trick?  That was one the physio recommended when I had fluid build up around my ankle after surgery.  You put a pillow or cushion under the corners of the mattress at the foot of the bed. It lifts the foot of the bed relative to the head by a few centimeters only, almost unnoticeable when you lie in the bed, but it's enough to mean the fluid drains out of the leg each night.  It made a huge difference for me.

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