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New Gifts




ok, so the pain hits at 5pm on time like a train. spasms too. so they give me the world's tiniest pill with the world's largest pill. That is my oxycodone paired with my glucophage. simply because it is before dinner and the nurse already must visit me twice in an hour. twice a day even because an hour after oxycode comes the oxymorphone.  Can this be spaced out a bit. Well in between comes lyrica at 2 and 10pm. but the 10pm actually comes at 8 with my bedtime insulin because I am freakkin wirh pain these days because a RFA is the real pain killer or perhaps the spinal drugs. Even they do not know. Is it electricity or it is pickling nerve spaces in drugs. But certain is that pretty pinkish...and the 3 pills are varying lipstick shades of pinky.orangish. kinda orchidytigerly brownish capsule. BUTthese in a timed daily regime cocktail only gives me a faint edge off screaming about the levels of pain I feel. Which aggrivates people who come running not because I a fellow hurt and not becauae I may wake napping neighbor BUTthat a state supervisor here for sweeps may hear me and pop out the timer on his cell while appearing to read a text for dinner plans and slowly answer But he really notates the response to scream time.Well I know that they ask people in the business office and physical therapists to answer the call lights only to turn them off. This is tricky they pop in and say may I help you Mother. I was here a while before I realized this was not an insult. They call everyone here Mother or Uncle out of Respect. So then I say have we met? I make small talk and then ask for whatever. And by then sometimes forgot...but they reply: I'll tell your CNA. By now my call light has been off an hour and I am engaged and not more needs with more call lights. So..this year I play a smarter game. I say I WAnt My CNA. That saves lots of time. No happy PR stunts for me.


Ok so a really nasty annoying obnoxious nurse that I just refused to say anything bad about because she would end a sentence with you can have the supervisor take care of you. And I would say naw yall doin jes fine. And so she had to deal with it. She  left today and we disagreed about my insulin as usual. But she gave me a bag of pretty hair bands clips and headbands and Bath soap and lotion from the best soapshop ever and included a mini tote bag to keep it in. I cried over the lovingly chosen personalized gifts that she told me she bought because she truly believed I would enjoy it and not because I was upset at her. Well I would not have pegged her as the type to bribe a hug and she caused me trouble again today and did not stop by to say goodbye. I showed it to others and they said oh so nice. Ok so yes it is nice to hear that she truly enjoyed taking care of me. But honestly I cannot say that she was best nurse. I never wrote her caught you caring. I looked forward to her days off. I cringed hearing her voice say my name to wake me if I fell asleep after being given my 6am then 7am pain pills. two things happen.I either get up in pain ask for hot morning drink to watch movies OR I am in bed passed out from the drugs then awakened suddenly out of sorts from a drug dream. like those vivid real ones. me exhausted. Saying no not ready to get up yet. Saying please do not ask me on the hour.let me sleep until my next dose unless you see me up assume I was not ready. No I am not lazy. Sometimes I was up until 5am pain dose because it felt like my leg was being cremated. NO she and I were never kindred spirits. We never shared That Laught That moment. I hardly knew her. See here I meet all sorts and a very few we share and I know it. What the heck is it to be given a gift from someone who says I know you are upset at me right now but I didnt want you to think I bought it because you were upset at me. Wait dont we do exactly that. And maybe wait for a better time. Maybe wait for the last day then.

It felt incongruent to accept this gift. feel happiness.yet annoyance at her.the situation. 

In fact I almost did not accept it. My immediate reaction was Oh 0no you did Not. I shook my head. She says I can donate it if you dont want it. I said No I am not going to be like that. I accept it and from what it means and I held out my arms. Her happy face showed me her sincerity. In a second she almost thought her kindness was refused. What kind of prideful fool dismisses such love. AND yet I am so happy she is gone. I will not miss her. I miss others like the one she replaced...and all I can feel is gratitude for the gesture...not really sure what it was. I feel guilt. Like I broke up with someone again who was not relieved like I was....or turned down scout cookies...no creepier. I feel like I uprooted flower beds 

I feel like I am happy a nurse is leaving after she gives me really thoughtfully picked out gifts. And that others know her sweetness but I am that.....

well maybe I do not understand her compassion that she had for me or her experience. Do we know our effect upon or how they live right around us sometimes.


I feel sad bad for not liking her not a bit. And I resent her even more. Some unreasonable wasteful part of me wanted to donate it even after I took it. But I like the stuff. Then I tried to give it away. Of course they not allowed to. But I even hate liking this summer lotion. expensive products.


Yes and resent that she goes away to live a life and mine stops here. I think that way. jealous of visitors who come in with new purses. One lady at bingo heard me say I have not shopped for a purse in ages. She said I wonder what that would be like. I said not like before. We shared a wistful sigh. yes her bag looked worn. Truth is I bought one online last year. Not the same. not that mother daughter powerlunch or dinner because we did not have dates. Finding a purse was a high for me. I would use it feeling euphoric for a long long time still proud of it. For some shoes. not me. A bit. Purses marked my life. Tell me a time and I know what purse.

My friend never used one. She feels nothing about such things.


Ok so Mama said never look gift horse in the mouth...but what about the gift giver


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It is good that among the frustration, pain and neglect you suffer there is a gift from someone that is maybe a recognition of what you are going through. It doesn't compensate for what is past I know. But I know that you're a gracious person and can make an appropriate response.


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