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 heartI wish I could write more but my thoughts don't stay in my brain long enough lol


Well yesterday , July 2nd, I had my long awaited cardiac surgery consult.  I am waiting for the office  to call and schedule me for the same day surgery. They are going to do an ablation for my SVT ( fast heartbeat) :: from the start of my post, I had to leave and drop my son off at his house, stopped to see my ex father-in-law (I adore that man :) ) then to Target to get cat food::

 I now have a date August 14th. Same day so only sleepy for the rest of that day. My mother or a hospital car service will pick me up for the procedure.  The reason I'm having this, at an early age, is the premeditative tips I was given to help relax ( i.e. barring down like a bowl movement, putting face into ice water, laying down, a beta blocker) aren't able to slow my pulse or to end the event. I also am given intravenously medicine that normally calms the heart and if that fails, one that basically stops your heart, like a jump start, and immediately an injection of adrenaline to start it up, to no avail. The next action is to use the paddles to shock me. It happens to much to just wait.


Basically, you have a circuits in your heart. They have a route that they take to continue working, mine has a short circuit, kinda. It's common to have my issue. Most start as a flutter and maybe continue for 5-15 mins. Mine don't stop . You can't die from SVT but what they don't tell you is while my heart beats at 235-240 BMP, blood isn't being adequately sent to the rest of the body and having a stroke in my history... I want to get this treated.  and bonus is.... I CAN ENJOY MY COFFEE AGAIN :cheers:






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That sounds uncomfortable and sort of scary, good to hear they can do something and it's only day surgery. Fingers etc. crossed. I'm not a coffee person but I've spent enough time with people who are to understand the need to enjoy your coffee again.

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It's not just coffee. I can't exercise at any level for once my heart reaches 100 bmp it starts to flutter or something as silly as getting excited for anything or singing to a song ( I can't sing but helps with my Aphasia) … But coffee or caffeine is a happy end result :)  

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Wow Kelli it sounds so so I don't know a good word...scary but I don't want to pass that feeling to you. I will really be thinking about you and praying for positive outcome...and for coffee again.

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A heart literally all of a flutter over something. my goodness, but not being able to exercise sucks. I had that when my liver was sick. "don't do anything that raises a sweat" your body can't cope with the toxins at the moment.  Take it easy for now, 6 weeks is manageable.

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Hope this procedure is the end to your troubles, I had a girlfriend who experienced that during pregnancy so they put it down as a hormone  imbalance. Now there are more tests so they can pinpoint the cause and work out a solution. Hope it works in your case. .

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