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Its always pleasure meeting my physiatrist




Usually every two years I go & meet physiatrist to fill up paper work & see if he has any good idea for us to try. After 14 years of visiting him, he has become friend to us so meeting him is always pleasure  & fun, he gives me hard time & reminds me  to wear my AFO as  I might not get lucky in my future falls, as according to him & hubby I am not getting any younger any more lol. They both know booboo I have accumulted so far So I better wear my AFO. It's always fun arguing with him about my reasons & ofcourse meeting all those young doctors also fun I enjoy teaching them they are affecting life of real people here & they are making huge difference in quality of life of people by doing their job  & also seeing our son in them makes me so happy.

Recently I had to fill up some government paperwork for getting indian visa  & I decided if my brother can do it, I can do it & start the process, man it took me solid few days to finally everything filled up correctly, I feel I deserve vacation after accomplishing that job & feel so smart now. I think my IQ level must have doubled in doing that  exercise lol. Anyhow when you accomplish something in life it does make you feel happy. So I am happy camper right now







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Absolutely Asha! Forms are the worst even without deficits. Congratulations I hope it means you can have that vacation.

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That happy feeling of accomplishment is such a huge motivator for the next time! Congratulations!!! You deserve congratulations for so much paperwork Asha and doing it with gusto!

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You have accomplished a great deal ASHA, paperwork used to be my job and now I hate doing it. Sounds like you are a good educator for young doctors, keep up the good work.

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