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New Girl in Family



Ever since we got back from our Colorado trip in June, Misha (our little schnoodle) has been missing her playmate who visited often while we were away.  The neighbor girl would bring her female shitzu mix over to play and Misha loved the company.   So, for Gary's birthday I decided I'd try to find a new lap dog for him since Misha prefers sitting on my lap and hanging out with me.   On Tuesday of this week we picked up a 6 month old chihuahua mix from a family who had too many dogs and were getting ready to move and couldn't take them all with them.   They had named her Lala, but we changed her name to Leila (pronounced Lay-la) because I liked it better.   lol    


Wednesday morning, I took Leila to the vet for her first wellness exam and her rabies and distemper shots since the previous owners had not done any of the shots.   The vet checked her out and said she appeared to be quite healthy and she  was very cooperative during the exam.  We go back in three weeks for the 2nd booster for the distemper and then again 3 weeks after that for her third in that series of shots, spaying, microchipping and removal of a dew claw on back left foot.  Our biggest challenge will be keeping Misha away from her after her surgery so he doesn't accidentally cause her to tear open stitches.   We may have to kennel him a couple times during that time.   


Gary is enjoying the cuddle time with the new pup and when she's not on his lap, she makes him laugh when her and Misha are chasing each other around the living room stealing chew toys from each other.   She sleeps on my bed at night while Misha sleeps in the kennel at the foot of my bed and she's been real good about going out to potty when he goes out, so that's a huge plus.  






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Sounds as if the new puppy is bringing some laughter back into your home, and that is always a good thing. Hope she does become Gary's lap dog. Enjoy your new pet.

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Just makes me smile! Fur therapy is so under acknowledged...I know from experience that my kitty has been a huge part of my recovery. We all need that unconditional love and a way to smile and laugh and lighten the heart. Congratulations on Leila...I know how much love and affection will grow. :humming:

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