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I'm Just Going to Think Positive



I also wanted to share with you all that my dad is going through some health issues right now. Some scary ones. He has already been diagnosed with COPD 2-3 years ago and a recent chest scan showed 2 suspicious spots on his lungs....one new and one that they had noted before but it has grown. Last week my Dad had a biopsy on the new one. He had to be put to sleep and it was done through endoscopy within his bronchial tubes. He is so blessed to have a negative biopsy and no cancer found in the first spot. This past Monday he had a second biopsy where they went straight through his chest into the lung (he had to be awake because he had to control his breathing for the test). His physician just called this morning and told my dad he would make an appointment for him and my step mom both (she is out of state due to a family wedding) to come in for results consultation. I didn't say a word but I felt inside that it doesn't sound good. I really don't know though. The Dr. told my dad and sister last week that he is 97-98% positive that it is cancer but he has to find out what kind...that will determine treatment. I am just trying to be positive and present with my father while my step mom is not here so it won't trigger his anxiety. Please keep my dad and my family in your prayers and thank you so much if you do. Hugs.


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Will put your Dad on my prayer list hopefully things are not as bad as they seem. Try to keep his spirits up and keep calm yourself. Sounds like his doctor has a good grip on what is going on. It is worrying but you have to keep hoping for the best possible outcome.  (((hugs)))

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Tonight my stepmom came home and I overheard my dad and her talking about the phone call on Friday about his lung biopsy. Seems the Dr. Had called them both and had given them both the same information that he is positive for lung cancer. So my dad told me a story...He told me he just didn't want to talk about it and that he still knows very little until they go to the Oncologist tomorrow and he didn't want to upset me. They also kept the news from each other...Dad didn't want to ruin her trip to a family members marriage and she didn't want to tell daddy while she was goner so he wouldn't be upset and alone. No matter...my dad has lung cancer. We will find out more information tomorrow. 

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That is hard news Tracy. But there's nothing you can do to change the diagnosis so you are right to let them handle it how they feel is best and just be ready to support your Dad and Stepmom as needed. Hopefully they've found it early enough that it can be successfully treated.  Try not to worry too much.



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Thanks Heather...the best thing I can do is try to be positive. Otherwise I don't know how I feel. Being positive is the only thing that can be good for right now.

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Tracy :


that is tough news though I know two family members who are going through lung cancer treatments & giving brave fight & doing amazing recovry both of them had signed up for some research program where chemo treatment is not as harsh & one can still have qualty of life with the treatments, both of them I meet at various functions & seems to be doing great. I will keep your dad in my prayers, Also oinstead of getting all tensed about it, try doing research & you may find some good alternative treatment for him.




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Thank you Asha. Yes I hope to know more tonight. They told my stepmom what kind of cancer but she can't remember so my sister is going with them today and take notes. Course of treatment will be dependent on the kind of cancer and staging. I have my hopes up that it was caught early. I'll write updates. Thanks.

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That is your dad being the protector he is.

I know you have had a hard time living there but maybe now you are a blessing to help your dad and also to make the most of time together. Change can occur fast so I am glad everyone was honest though. I will pray you have strength and peace while your dad goes through some of the darkest forrests known to man. None of you are alone.

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ok now I gotta go out for fries!!!

but I have always eaten mine with mustard. Even before there were chilie cheeses guacamole or pastrami tomato fries, I asked for packs of mustard. 

My kids like ranch dressing with fries best. And we all like BBQ on them.


And steak fries great with sour cream and onion dip I made at home. Like a finger food baked potato.

Criss cross fries and nacho sauce is good and I like those for making hor douvres topping with taco seasoned hamburger with tomatoes with sour cream salsa topping. But I used good old frozen bags of criss cross fries to make that. It was always good when I did not want to do typical chips.


Now I keep fries out of my diet except for 1 or 2x a month because I am on lo salt low carb diet. I tend to want tortilla chips more often with mango salsa. That is my new sophisticated snacking crave  and I can make a meal on them and yet because of my edema even that is restricted. 


This is even harder than restricting sugar...i can live without that very often.

But Right now I am doing toasted bagel with cream cheese and pineapple on it. My kind of pizza. Or like today I will have american cheese melted on toasted bagel. I used to make that in an oven at home. little toaster oven.

now we get toasted bagel and melting cheese in microwave. I like it chewier too.


Good thing it is xBfast!!! coffee and cinnamon time. my latest thing is mixing sanka and cocoa in hot water. Great stuff!! Handy around here.

I got my cnas talking about toppings now. some creative things.

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6 hours ago, SassyBetsy said:

Sorry Tracy I got excited looking at fries right?


yeah it's a yummy food. It's an silly thing between us. But I do LOVE Mc Donald's FF's 

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Pam yesterday I totally went off track and got 10 chicken nuggets and a Dr. PEpper on my way to Nashville to my Dr. Appointment. I left off the fries thinking it was better that I not eat those too. :dumb: Well I'm still craving those fries!!!! I should have gotten them but at that time I didn't know I had something to celebrate! My A1c was 6.9 in January and I found out yesterday that my A1c is now 6.3 :bouncing-for-joy:Not that I needed to start off on the wrong foot but one thing I do not do is beat myself up for cheating. I'm honest. Mmmmm fries!!!!!? Kelli I would share with you.


I also found out a little more about my dad. He has non small cell adenocarcinoma and it is extremely close to his esophagus which makes it inoperable. They are worried about 2 lymph nodes very close to the area and there is some sort of inflammation on his lower lung...He thinks from COPD and not cancer. They will have to do radiation and possible chemotherapy...small doses of radiation over a longer period of time so it will not damage his esophagus. Two good things...It is non small cell and stage 1...oh and the Oncologist says he should have a 80-85% chance of cure.

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Glad to hear that your Dad's chances are good Tracy. But now I'm trying not to think about fries (chips) too I'm a vinegar or tomato sauce girl when it comes to chip dressing though.

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This is so like caregiver chat when whatever the topic we started on we always finished up talking about food! I am hungry now too and as it is close to midnight where would I find fries? Good to hear that your Dad's cancer is treatable and he may eventually be cured.


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Oh ueah Heather the vinegar at the local fish and chips( fries) place is addicting. I smother my plate!    And tartar sauce is another good one!!


Ok so J in the B has my vote for best nuggets and sweet n sour sauce.

I could probably eat 100 if left alone!

Plus their fries have this crunch to them that is irresistible.


Sure Sue it does not take much to think about food! 

Congrats on your A1 Tracy. Yep I get the celebrate thing! hehe I do the same. And right! When I be good and pass on something then I become obsessed!

Right now my guilty P is that I ate Milano cookie. one. good eh? Then I had to go eat a handful. Thankfully I finished them off Quick. My sweet friend sends me Orange sugar gummies too. I ration them

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So happy there is good news about Dad. He has loving support to get him through this. perhaps he too would like a support group. It is not easy road. But we take strength and hope in some positive news.🍾

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Thank you Pam we are optimistic. Today I didn't get fries while I was out but I got something I've been craving And local grocer ran out. :scared:Its called Lesser Evil Bhudda Bowl Foods Himalayan Sweetness EV organic coconut oil + Organic Popcorn + Himalayan Pink Salt. What a name. I don't feel guilty at all...organic, 100% grain, gluten free, Kosher, cholesterol free, a good source of fiber, vegan, non GMO, and no artificial anything. It has to be good for me! :big-grin:LOL !!! I'm still gonna get those fries soon.

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On ‎7‎/‎18‎/‎2018 at 7:09 PM, tmciriani said:

Its called Lesser Evil Bhudda Bowl Foods Himalayan Sweetness EV organic coconut oil + Organic Popcorn + Himalayan Pink Salt. What a name. I don't feel guilty at all...organic, 100% grain, gluten free, Kosher, cholesterol free, a good source of fiber, vegan, non GMO, and no artificial anything. It has to be good for me! :big-grin:LOL !!! I'm still gonna get those fries soon.


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