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even when you are broken open realizing not everything is broken is so important




Sunday is my super soul Day, I get AHAs by dozen &  it is fun to see my whole journey getting validated by so many others who have walked on similar path of suffering I had been through when I felt such a huge loss of my dream of how things should be shattering into pieces, but realizing in midst of all that suffering not everything was broken, even though I was all broken open. I am so blessed to be married to such a great guy along with my sister reminding me to notice those positives when I was so much surrounded by all the family & friends 24X7. I couldn't have asked better family than my own.  Anyhow back to sermon I got today on my super soul Sunday where Mark Nepo was pointing it out that realizing this in midst of suffering that not everything is broken in your life even when you feel like there is nothing left gives person strength, I know It did help me when I was surrounded by so much love even when I felt like my life was ruined & I didn't have any reason to live.





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We used to call this "counting your blessings". I guess each generation has to find a different way of 

rationalising their lives, of surviving the ups and downs, and what you have described as "not everything is broken" is one of them. I always get such a boost from reading your blog, thank you ASHA.

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