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Nice to Knit ya..



On Mondays, for the time being, I go either to my Aunts house or other members home and knit. I learned how to knit from my grandmother but learning after stroke is basically learning all over again. I enjoy it. I enjoy the company of the group. They are very understanding of my speech and having my Aunt there helps a bunch. She has been knitting for a billion years and with in 3 weeks ( she says she really didn't have time for this.. yeah right) she knit my little cousin a sweater jacket.  A SWEATER JACKET..  I made a thing... it's kinda a scarf.. or a pot holder mat.. I know I'll get there....and yeah she can also knit with out looking... :hmph: It's tiring.. mainly for my eyes but it will get better. I'm not sure how long I can stick the Mondays for in a few days, I'm going to Department of Vocation Rehabilitation ( DVR ) t seek a part time job. My doctors have only cleared me for a tiny bit, like 4-6 hrs a week, but I can't survive on just me. As with life, we all must persevere 




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Well done on knitting at all. My mother tried to teach me, My Gran tried to teach me, my sister tried to teach me and that was all 40 odd years ago. I never could remember from one session to the next.  My great aunt taught me to crochet with no issues I just had a blind spot for knitting.  I'm still amazed when my sister knits and watches tv at the same time. Mum gave it up about 20 years ago when the arthritis got too bad.

Monday knitting group sounds like fun!


Best of luck with the part time job 4-6 hours is a start, you can build on that.


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I'm officially jealous Kelli. Knitting is something I have never been able to grasp. Ever. I can see why it would make you tired but it still sounds like fascinating fun to me. I couldn't imagine doing it with my eyes closed!:yikes:To me that pot holder scarf thing is pretty incredible I'm sure. Best of luck on the job thing...starting out light will probably be good. You may get to really start feeling good about it and can do more (a little at a time). Let me know how you progress.

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Kelli well done with the knitting. I knit and crochet through winter as to me it is like repeating a mantra, the repetition relaxes me. I am a plain knitter so mostly I knit scarves which I put in the homeless box. Good luck with the job application. We all need something that fulfills us, if this is not it keep persevering.

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