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Tomorrow is Going to be Crazy/Unknown




Tomorrow my dad gets his first dose of radiation for his lung cancer. We are all just in a weird wondering mood. My dad is in good spirits which I am so glad. The very next day he gets his first dose of chemotherapy. I pray it is kind to him or at the very least that he is able to be ok with it physically. I know if the chemo is too much that he can just raise a white flag and the Oncologist is really supportive of this. Just praying for whatever he goes through.


Tomorrow I go to my PCP to hopefully get some answers about the lump on the side of my neck. My ENT wants me to go ahead and see Dr. Coil because it will be quicker than waiting for an opening there. The therapist said he may send me right back to my ENT and that was ok but he can do initial research into what it is. I have just kept it off my mind...kept my thoughts on my dad and try to give him positive vibes. So keep us in your thoughts and prayers and send an extra prayer for my dad. Thanks guys.



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Tracy :


you & your dad will be in my thoughts & prayers. Hope & pray everything goes well for your dad. keep on being strong for him.



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I don't know whether or not to tell you this but If the situation was reversed I'd have liked you to tell me!


Five years ago, before the stroke hit me I found a lump in my cheek, (I presume this is similar to your experience). My Doctor looked at spots on my chest and decided that one did not look good. In a minor operation he took it out, sending the bits  away for examination. This showed that there were some problems there and I was sent for a deeper dig in hospital. They were happy that this cleared the problem but my lump did not decrease and I was sent for major scans. Eventually the problem was pinpointed to my spleen and a decision to remove it was made.


The operation was a success and I was cleared of the cancer threat. I was recovering nicely when after three months the stroke hit and I believe it was because the hospital doctor took me off blood thinning tablets and failed to put me back on them when the op was over.


The loss of a spleen has never been a major problem except that I have to take care to avoid infections. 




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Thanks for your input Deigh. Today was not bad for my father...they are still pinpointing the exact spot for radiation. He goe again tomorrow but his first radiation treatment will be on Wednesday instead of today.


I did go to my Dr. appointment today and yes the lump is there. I suppose I've been hoping he really wouldn't see anything. It is about as round as a golf ball but not protruding outward so much. You can see it better when I bend my neck to the left. So my Dr. Sent me to radiology and I had an ultrasound. I suppose they will call with results in a few days. I think my father knows, just because my step mom knows and has probably told him. My mom and sister know too. I really have no clue what it may be. My Dr. said it could even be a muscle that has a knot in it. He said he doesn't however think it has anything to do with my chronic laryngitis but he wants to know what it is. My thyroid he said was normal size and no nodules but there also seems to be some congestion in my left clavicle area compared to the other side. So we will see in a few days if there is any reason to look further. Still weighing in on what exactly the conversation is with my dad...but I know he wouldn't want me to keep it from him. Hopefully we'll have updates soon.

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Lol I have no idea what it is. It's just there?!? Maybe I have fat left neck syndrome 😵. Whatever it is the ultrasound doesn't see it. I am just glad it isn't connected with the chronic hoarseness I am having and go to the voice clinic for. 🤗

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