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fast no more



Yesterday I finally had my ablation on my heart to stop the rapid heart beat. I wasn't nervous for my cousin, who is a cardiac nurse and also had this done, walked me through everything. It didn't hit me that I remember them adding the adrenalin to make my heart race so they could find out where the 'road block' was. Basically,  you have two tracks that the electrical currents  in your heart go around that keep your heart function.  So Imagine you have two tracks above each other but the one with that contains the faster of the current (: if you get excited or caffeine your heart beats faster and you also have a slow lane that keeps the balance- ) well one of mine didn't have a complete track because one of the tracks had extra muscle that made the faster currents speed faster in half the space.  image.png

When the current would get trapped in the smaller loo[p, my hear rate would jump to 240+ beats per min. SOOO..

When I felt them making my hear to go fast, my jaw started to hurt, I began to sweat , same as always, but when it stopped I thought they  stopped the medicine for I didn't feel the usual chest pains but it just stopped beating fast. That was the time when he performed the procedure and fixed the problem.. it is amazing.


The down side is they went into both side of my groin so pain, no driving, no swimming, no lifting.. To most people that might sound like a day off but no driving to my Aunts house to swim in her pool.. But I can drink coffee.. but I'm still scared but he ( the Dr) said it was textbook so no issues. Same day.. Long day. My parents and I left my house at 4:30a for the 90 min drive.. put on to prep at 7:15a wheeled into the OR 8am   finished at 12pm.. post op full bedrest until 4:00pm.. leave hospital 4:30pm (Philadelphia Rush Hour) made it home by 6:45p.. My son, 15, stayed home with the cats.. don't blame him..  I slept partially seated for my pelvic area was so sore.. Better today.. Apparently I emailed people while still drugged lol  


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wow Kelli :


Its amazing what these doctors can fix, looks so complicated, glad all went well & you are home resting. hope to see you soon grandma lol



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phones and laptops need to be removed from reach while you are drugged! Glad it went well. Hope the incisions heal well and quickly!

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16 hours ago, heathber said:

phones and laptops need to be removed from reach while you are drugged! Glad it went well. Hope the incisions heal well and quickly!

that is so true :) 

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Lol all of my posts are me on drugs now, at first it scared people.....what is so funny is that we think we are normal on the drugs lol who knows!


Glad your adventure went well. you were so brave.

I hope you feel better soon and go swimming again.

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