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Our next step - Hospice




Well, I finally made the decision to talk to hospice.  William has been declining.  He sleeps alot and eats very little.  He has alot of confusion and sees people that are not there.   

The hospice agency was great.  They have suggested that I get a hospital bed and set it up in the living room.  I will be getting rid of the couch and recliner.   They provide all of his meds, bed liners, vinyl gloves, wipes, lots of things.   I will get a nurse once a week and CNA 3 times a week to bathe William.  A chaplain will visit him weekly, and they have volunteers that will come and sit with him if I have to go out.  They have respite care for the caregiver  (5 days each month).  I fortunately got all of our paperwork in order.  Medical power of attorney and medical directive for physicians.  

Today, William has been up and cognizant most of the day.  He even ate a banana, applesauce and a little sausage patty.  Not much appetite but since he hasn't eaten for 2 days this is good.

We shall see how things work out.  It has been ten years since his stroke and his decline has been slow but keeps progressing.

Who knows what the next steps will be?  Quality of life needs to be an issue.  William has been housebound for over a year. 

Hospice could be used for a long time.  They just renew after 6 months.  This could happen with stroke patients. 




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Ruth, sorry you have come to this point in your journey with William but glad you had all your paperwork ready. It is hard to have people in and out of your home but it much better than having to move William into a nursing home. Remember to take time out for yourself, that is really important as you know. Will keep you in my prayers.


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Ruth, I'm sorry that it had to come to this but I'm very glad you got all things in order beforehand so you have a clear(er) mind and schedule to devote to spending time with him. I was absolutely warmed with all that hospice offers and the volunteers that will be able to help.  And never forget that , as you may know, even through he may be sleeping a lot, he can still hear you.  As Sue said, keep time for yourself ..  


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Ruth :


I am so sorry you have come to this part of your journey with William, glad you have your paperwork ready, life with us survivors is not easy one for sure




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Ruth This was a journey to get to this decision and seems like only loss ahead but now is time for memory making. He will be in the living room right close to life going on. I hope you can share many meaningful moments together big and small. I pray you will have strength and faith in your future together in this journey. Bless you for being his Queen.

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Our particular steps of life are constantly moving-- Im not a huge Harry Potter fan , and haven't seen any of the movies lately, but I recall the first one. Where he is being shown around the school/ dormitory where he is told watch the stairs - it keeps changing. Like those moving stairs - we never know where we are gonna end up.

Ruth I have always admired you. Without you and my other " guidance councilors" I don't know what I woulda done. I Agree with SassyBetsy - you are Bruce's Queen.  


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I am sorry for what you are both going thru.    I would like to add that Bob recently had an incident that affected his speech and vision, and during this time period, began to see things and people that were not there.   It was a type of seizure... the same kind where people hear the same song non-stop or smell a certain smell - all coming from the brain.   In his case it was visual.

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