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tidbits of my life




I am pretty much go with flow personality, & had never known some of the other good qualities about me which I was not sure of before,   & now learning about me every day & always think damn my husband is so lucky to be married to me 😄 maybe I should also tell him that. Anyways what's new with my life recently our kido had severe allergic reaction to soy protein powder he had which he had after his exercise. usally at home he takes whey protein, since he was at college & didn't have that, he decided to take his friends soy protein & he had bad allergic reaction, he calls us telling us to get benedryl  & he will be fine after he takes shower & med. after e came home, one look at him & I told him lets go to ER after you take benedryl. he had hives on his body & eyes were all swollen. luckily his throat was fine. So after few hours at ER & some miraculous med we came home. l am glad it wasn't worse off than what it was, & it became good teaching moment for all of us. I keep on telling him get your vitamins from food & not from this processed powder we don't have any control over it, finally it sunk in him that MOM is RIGHT. Anyway going to ER make me realize our son has become mature adult, he handled everything by himself, we were just concerned parents sitting on sidelines & feeling proud of our future doctor who will learn to become compassionate by being patient himself. What else is new in my life, recently we decided to convert out half bath to full bath, so that  our both floors can become livable & I don't have to go upstairs for any reason in case I end up having surgery for my torn miniscus.  I realized I really underestimate myself  in lot  of things. I  never enjoy designing process cause it is hard for me to imagine how things will look with particular design. but I do realize I do have good taste in things, & now that our bathroom remodeling is done.  I love it the way it turned out.

So another lesson learnt, I am PERFECT   the way I am &  whoever people are in my life willingly are  lucky to have me in their life 😄






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Glad you got your son to ER, allergic reactions can be serious. He will understand now as a doctor when someone like me comes along g and explains about their allergies. I think you have raised a fine young man.

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