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Another Late Night With My Thoughts and Stuff




So here I am. It's 11:23pm and I'm fidgety, awake, and drowning in needless thought. I'm in a state of anxiety for what I feel is no reason. I can't sit or lay still. I am weirdly hungry like ravenous and I just want to eat again and again...but nothing satisfies me. I lay my head down on my pillow and then pick it up then lay it down again over and over trying to find a "comfortable" spot. So now I'm sitting up. LOL sorry if this is boring but I just need to get anxious movement and thought out of me so I thought blogging would do the trick. It will not in the least hurt my feelings if you click out of my ramblings. Just a warning lol. I am also cold and then hot...back and forth...sometimes all my cover on and it feels like even my bones are cold. So I thought about taking a hot bath. Too much trouble says my head. Noises tonight have been particularly irritating...like my step moms cane tapping the floor as she walks or even my dads cough to clear his throat (he has lung cancer...what is wrong with me). I feel an uneasiness. Hmmm where. My fingers, my stomach, my feet, of course my head, my ears, my eyes, my scalp and hair, my legs and arms all feel strange. My throat and esophagus yep feel weird. I just want to be asleep. I have been looking at this weighted blanket it's supposed to help with anxiety. I just might try to figure a way to get one. I've been reading everyone's posts and trying to keep myself busy mind and body. That way I'm choosing what I do and think...make sense? I am going to look for some more sleep and meditation music maybe that will help. Sigh I know I should be thinking positive, being grateful, putting worry away, increasing my inner vibration, learning acceptance, etc. etc. I'll tell you though, anxiety (clinical General Anxiety Disorder) can get in the way of all that. I hear comments from those around me like "just stop worrying" "you can't think like that" "you just need to get out of the house and do more stuff with people" "we all get anxiety sometimes it'll go away in a few minutes". :very-funny:Hello...walk in my shoes tonight and then we can talk. It doesn't help me. I'm not whining about it I just am being truthful. It is what it is but it sure gets on my nerves. :biggrin: Ha I made a funny. Ok this is TMI but even when I pee it's like a nervous pee. Just realized that lol. So what are any of your suggestions if you suffer from anxiety along with other head stuff?



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Sorry I don't have anxiety so feel free to tell me to stuff off. Have you tried "working it off" a night walk might be a bad idea but what about sit ups or sit to stands or any other core exercises you can do those without disturbing anyone else in the house. If that doesn't help then maybe try mindfulness meditation. I'm sure with your google skills you can find a guided mindfulness meditation track that will help.

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I did have anxiety attacks after Ray died. I went to a counsellor and she gave me some things to do. The most successful for me were clearing my mind (I made it into a blank blue TV screen)) and visualisation. I was alone I in our house when Ray was in the nursing home but never felt really alone until he died. Mine was situational anxiety so I eventually got over the worst of it. It still comes back from time to time. I know a night without sleep is okay, I read, play on the computer etc. Next day I am tired but that is okay.

Tracy, we are all so different but have certain things we share in common, worry being one of them. I wish you and I could sit up and have a good chat on the nights when we both can't sleep. 

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Tracy :


exercise is good suggestion. try to do every day atleast 10,000 steps, go out for walk two times for 30 mins & you will end up with 10,000 steps. I noticed when you do exercise it makes your body also tired so sleeping comes easy, & also wake up in the morning by 8 & start your day, have a routine  in life, that will help. These are steps I took accidentals  which all helped me, hope you try too & see power of it.



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I have issues going to bed but it'd with ADD.. Maybe you need a sleeping pill.. I need to have it or my brain keeps me up all night long, no matter how tired I am

I take Trazadone … That may not work for you but even still , sometimes it doesn't do the trick..

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Tracy,  sleep can be elusive.  I hate to hear that you have trouble getting that good nights sleep.  Anxiety can be such a bear.  Somedays, I get it and have nervous energy.  This is what I do.  I make sure that I get to the gym and work out.  If I don't, I will be up all night.  If I happen to get up in the middle of night and cannot go to sleep.  I clean.   This is crazy.  but it makes me feel good that the place is clean.  I have at least accomplished something with all of my nervous energy.  I will pray that you find something that helps you.


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Tracy, sleep is a mischievous monkey in a nightcap. When I do not want him around he appears and chases me down, but when I want him,I run run run after him until properly exhausted but the more I run, the more anxious I feel. noise irritates me. I find using earphones plugged into my phone and watching a movie silences my own thoughts and gives me a focus,a distraction. 

I suffer from nightmares. side effect from all the cocktails of drugs. vivid real like. painful content personal. I wake sobbing,missing people,feeling horribly anxious. But anxiety is a signal only. that is all. triggers signals and conclusions. for me I must engage my mind fully to block out the noisy chatter in my head. If I fall asleep then good. If not, then I know I will nap later. 

Stress can backfire and make me sleepy later and perhaps I only slept too much earlier.


BTW I am going to sleep study as soon as they schedule. I understand insomnia and anxiety well. They are Pain's cousins.


Tracy I try and read your posts always, they are never boring.just the opposite. you are honest and insightful. I usually relate. 

Thank you for blogging.

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