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1.  Never touch my leg. It burns next to the eternal yule log.

I have been branded by the touch of others. But with permission all is well.


2.  I feel stabbed in my leg, calf or foot. I walk slow because it seems like butcher knife follows me stabbing me in mý calf.


3. Wake me for pain pills or  prepare for me to wail for for hours until the next dose.


4.  Sometimes I just need to color all night. My symptoms hurt.


5.    Sometimes the covers are too heavy and I call out for someone to remove them. My leg burns or electrical zaps consumes it.


6.  I will want to get out of my pants as soon as I can. I love clothes but now I only harem pants or super soft material.


7. I will do PT according to what my body can tolerate tomorrow not today. My pain does not hurt much now but later I will pay. 


8.  Allow me to sleep until the pain subsides. Just save my food.


9.  I need my pills on time or early if I previously too an earlier dose.


10. I am probably addicted to these pain pills but I have constantly been in pain since my stroke. This is chronic pain but complex regional pain syndrome is more than intermittent pain. 




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Pam...have it printed and laminated then place it on a background of one of your beautiful collages. I said this yesterday...I am my own best advocate period. Your boundaries are very valuable. I say put up your electric fence. May your day and your next be peaceful. 🙂 Just keep hearing me say that last sentence in repeat every day.

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Oh Pam, so sorry you are in so much pain. To stay strong as you do is such an inspiration to me. I have a few niggly electrical feelings and mild cramps in my left thigh but nothing I need pain medication for. Wishing you peaceful days and good sleep filled nights. (((hugs))).

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I need it tatooed..hmmmm....put do not touch on the leg..... but no one looks. 

They fail to look at me or read any signs.

I wonder at how preoccupied people are...into thieir break.their phone. Themselves.


But yes Tracy it is necessary to know these things are3 not what I choose but here they are.


I wish others would see I havw not designed my life to be this. And be helpful to me.


Thank you ladies for kindness.

You both inspire me too.

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Pam, I am a newbie here and only one month in since my stroke, so I can't offer any wise words.  I wish you Peace and Love, and know that we are all here for you.

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Thank you Sue.

Being heard is healing.


Sue, one month is early. Slowly you will improve or adjust. You survived for a reason.

God bless you.

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