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I love life with all its lessons which is making my life so much meaningful & fun




As you all know by now I enjoy & love my life including all lessons & blessings that come my way. Recently we reconnected with our spiritual group which I was active before while taking kido to his indian languge classes & vedic hinduisim classes where they were learning  about two epics Ramayana & Mahabharata of India. where one epic taught them about how to be noble human being so what we should strive to become by following God ramas footsteps,  & other epic taught them what we should not do & in one of the epic lord answered student all questions we encounter in our life journey where you question all those deep questions of the life.


So anyways after kido grown up  & we had lost touch with this  elite group which are full of learned intellectuals & now accidentally we reconnected again & I feel my life has become so much richer due to interactions with highly intellectual people. I feel so blessed to be surrounded by some classy people.  learned something so  interesting yesterday which wanted to write down so that I don't forget in flurries of living life. one of the interesting thing host talked about is how to  worship God. & one of the example used was like how river forged their path & go through some difficult terrain & pave the way & finally merges into ocean by shedding all their identity in process of finally merging into ocean.  that's how we should be worshiping God.  I know I still need to work on my ego & shed that. I realized I am blessed & can't take any credits for anything in life. Though I am so thankful for people, books & everything & everybody who has en lighted my life,  for that I send big thanks & love to the universe.






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It is always good to be grateful for what you have and learn to love life just as it is. It's taken me 70 years but I am finally getting there. Good for you ASHA.

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I'm glad for you Asha...These are sometimes hard bumps in life. I know I haven't perfected tackling them but I try. 🙂 I hope it gives you inner peace...seems as though it does.

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