I play cards with a 96 yr old WWII vet who exercised women on base. She won a silver medal in diving at olympics. The local papers toot her praise. She is athlete and scholar with phD. She now is hard of hearing and losing sight but she is sharp. She plays cards always. Before meals....she plays Solitaire or plays Rummy with others.

She counts cards and knows when one is missing at end od play. She could catch a cheater. 

She taught me to play double solitaire.

When we see eachother we both smile. And go play. For hours. Until mealtime.


I talk about her often.

She is alone.Her husband passed. No children. But friends come visiting. Bring fruit or desserts.


Decks of cards go missing. For years i am here. Samne thing..Where is her cards.


She comes to my room wanting new cards. My purple set is worn out old but goood. I WONDER. And I ask activities to give her cards. Sometimes yes others they say no cannot keep giving herr cards. I get it.


So my friend and son give me cards for her. I even gave her a card box. Gone.

Then a drawstring bag with 2 new packs. Her name everywhere. GONE NOW. in a month. 

You should see her face. A lost soul. So sad. Misery. And she comes to my room. I give her new cards. One or 2 packs. Ok some get worn out. She tells me. I get it.

But the lost ones. We never see others using cards. No one else here is.

But i say ok I feed the thieves and then she happy she gets to play.


My son bought another box of cards again at Costco. 12 packs. Ok one year. New cards every month.

I showed her a photo and said do not worry. I have cards for us. Her happy smile said it all. Then she pointed at her opponet. Back to the game.

She tells me when the deck was missing 2 of hearts. I said save the pack for scraps. Here is new box of cards. I understand. ALL cards count.


Who is stealing cards here. Ok she may toss an old pack. But not all new things and cards. No one cares or knows otr sees evidence


Ok seriously the police went to her room. Her friend reported that her clothes and stuff went missing. She always wears a watch that winds. They replaced it a few times. Frustrated at theft here and lack 

Of reverence.

 I lock my stuff. Carry tot bags. Laugh but I not lose much. Some yes. But all replaceable


My son promises you will always have cards to play with.


This time i  will keep receipt and write it on a possessions intake. I will give them away if needed but if all gone then someone will replace it.


Ok social worker say if you give or loan to her then no not replace the box of cards. I furious. Injustice. But aI give her a new box. My son says cards are cheap.he will buy more.

So a couple of times I play each week as I feel good.


My son bought a new box of 12.he sent a text photo.I showed it around.

I never see otherds with cards


A mystery.

Buy my son is a saint. When i see him he will give to me. I have 1 pack left of last box. Red and blue are for her. I assure her. Never worry. You will not suffer nor be without. I pray for the thieves. 

Even police reports do not protect us.


Ok my cell phone is safe but not our cards.



But she is happy playing cards.

I get anggry.

So I help.




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Pam you are a true friend, the kindly friend I would like to know in that situation. It is so hard to work out why someone would steal from a 96 year old veteran but it seems it is happening over and over. Your son is a saint, you are right, and learned it from his mother. I am amazed by the way you bring happiness to others under such difficult circumstances. 

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Pam I smile and take note of the kindness of yourself and your son...something I hope will always be a part of me (kindness, giving, and blessing). Your friend is blessed to have you and you her. I love your heart.

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