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Sunday reserved for my spiritual awakening




I am woman with still work in progress. I keep on learning, forgetting & relearning my lessons. Some lessons my life experiences has taught me are hardest to learn & I still struggle with those from time to time. Though I am blessed in a way, that since I gravitate towards those kind of people who can share their spiritual wisdom & get me on right path any time I struggle,.I have been surrounded  by amazing set of people who put me back on right path. So that brings amazing joy in my life. Anyway these Sunday some of us met & discussing  these big questions life throws at us like why I am here & what's purpose of my life. I was telling every one that how when good things happen in your life, we are likely to take all credit for it, but as soon as something goes wrong in life then you start questioning God & where is he, why did he allowed something so bad happen in my life. One of the argument was made, you need to put God first in your life, in good times & in bad times, he gets all credit. Hubby said wonderful thing while we were walking home, he was like why do we have to label any event as good or bad, events are just events in our life, we got to deal with them as they come along in our life. two very thought provoking statements which straightens me & my ego out.







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Yes true Grit! We just walk through that obstacle course like a TV ninja warrior trying not to slip off into the water.


What a great think tank on a saturday afternoon.


Actually when we started meeting as young moms group and now reunion I realize oh kids grow no matter what we do or not but we do have the power to shape behavior. At least I am conditioned to think so.

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Same thought here - it is what it is. T 'is true events are just events, blame  neutral, so I just need to get on with it. Oh how I wish I could think that way when the going gets tough instead of giving in to self pity as I sometimes do.

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Sue, self pity is something we all go through unfortunately. 


Knowing we should let stuff go versus actually letting it go...very difficult indeed. 

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