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Love you forever,like you for always....




This is our book. I read it to both my kids,chanted those lines as long as I remember,meant them with every fiber and will always.


I recall when the kids became the adults caretaking their mother. It seems impossible the anger bitterness hurt that festered to a head. 


Once my daughter's pediatrician when she was a teen gave her acne med saying our closeness was evident so she trusted My daughter would confide problems that arose.

Well we had typical stuff. My son pulled away to grown into a man. I respected his decisions. I am proud of him. He hid when his marriage failed but I cried for him.

 Honestly we were so close as a family. 


Then stroke.


Then then then


None of that matters. Forgiveness matters. I wish the kids were close again but he will not talk to his sister so she blames me and no one talks now,years lost. My son said well you can watch grandson grow from afar, I can send you a picture I found online.


I texted the truth to my son. My jealous daughter said I took away her brother so she withheld the baby so I would feel like she did. She was angry that son and I went on roadtrip, it was xmas,she just gave birth,could not go,cmon......

Nothing big..


Nothing small

Now we are torn apart

Like all those jealous of our closeness before...let them rejoice, we are strangers now.



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Pam it can be so very tough trying to keep the peace, keeping things fair. 


Unfortunately life isn't fair.


I pray  that one day your daughter will come around, that she will realise that you are an amazing mum, and let you into her life. 

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