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She's like a Rainbow




I am with a roommate like my twin.

We watch movies together , talk during a thunder storm the other night, and talk about how I got diagnosed with stroke pain.


I see her problems that are similar to mine,similar to CPS. But she calls it neuropathy. She is not diabetic. I asked how did you get neuropathy and she said after her stroke, but she never heard of stroke pain.





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It is temporary.

While her roomie is treated for mersa.

Now i said PLEASE DO NOT expose me to amything before my spinal procedure. 

The social worker said oh NEVER.


No one would tell.

Then 2 different cnas told us.


So not air born so hopefully not contagious.

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Oh and the lady talks non stop about staying now haha, but she has lived in other room with a roomie for a decade, so she is torn.


This is 2 beds not 3, the room has light and air, and I rarely run my tv since I watch netflix on phone. A gift from my son. 

And has me.


So since she hates the lady in middle bed,that one will prob come here. Another dementia. I will explode.


So we will see.....


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