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I still got it




So, this is a sad story but the way I acted throughout it renewed my faith in myself.


So Saturday past, it began as every Saturday at my work. Made breakfast, assisted the woman I aide with her bath, took her and another client to the closet bus stop. Basically a normal-ish day. UNTIL...


After dropping off the individual to the bus stop, we, my client or individual, as we should refer, returned back to the program. That is what we call the place where individuals reside. We just pulled into the parking lot and was walking up to our office, so I may drop off the van keys, and another individual was coming out of his apartment and had a strange look on his face and said. " we need your help for AF( the persons initials ) can't breathe. She won't wake up". I said " What?" and he repeated it. I was holding on to the hand of my client and pulled her along with me and we, mainly me, ran.. KM ( MY individual) was being pulled hard by me and I basically flung her onto the couch in the apartment and said " please sit here"


I heard the other staff in the back saying " we need to get her on the floor" because she was on the bed and we needed to perform CPR. 

Two things: 


I didn't think I could run but I made it happen. I am not super strong anymore but I helped to get 200+ pounds off the bed in one move.


We performed CPR in two rounds each while waiting for the  EMT's and other emergency  personal to arrive. ( She sadly didn't make it)  It was fast, that I do know.. I mean she was talking and within 10 mins she was gone. She had a lot of health issues


I did things I didn't thinks I could do anymore. I mean,it's not the ideal situation to realize this but I now know when push comes to shove , my brain wont clam up.  



The only thing I did forget was ,' Lift with your legs not back' I is very sore 



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Well done you! that lifting rule is so easy to forget if you aren't lifting regularly, look after yourself. It is sad that she didn't make it, but you all did your best and if it was her time it was her time.


I am so glad that your confidence has been boosted rather than sapped as it easily could have been by an event like this.

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Well done Kelli, you responded to the emergency, without thinking you did what you had to do. It was a test and you passed it with flying colours.

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Oh wow Kellie, way to go handling such a sudden and serious emergency! You do still have it and you should feel so good about it!!! What an inspiring experience...it sounds like you guys did everything you could have. I'm so sorry the outcome was so sad...but I agree if it was her time then it was her time. God bless you for taking the initiative and effort to help this lady. I'm so proud of you! You keep amazing me! 🙋

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kelli :

That's amazing story even though outcome was sad. It's great to see that when time comes you can step up to the plate, that;s beauty of stepping out of comfort zone where we can see growth happen at all levels of ur life. I am so proud of you.





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It was easier for me to deal for I didn't know her. That sounds cold but it's true. I saw her as another human needing help. . We are having a celebration of her life this coming Saturday, for her friends at the programs. My father said if I had known her, it may be different for me. In a weird way, I thank my mom, who when my sister and I were young and working 11p-7a and tell us ALL about her day ( before we went to school) lol.. 

But the moral is

just because you think you can't do something, physical or mental, when you have to,, your brain will work magic 🙂🦄

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Kelli not knowing her was probably in your favour.

When I worked at the school it was so much easier to stay level headed when other kids cried than when my own cried.


Not going wobbly at the knees doesn’t make you cold, it makes you human.

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